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With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and the end-user technology (mobile, multiple OS) compliance, testing of healthcare applications today involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and costs.

CitiusTech 700 member QA/testing team has rich experience in testing healthcare applications - using manual testing and test automation tools (e.g., QTP, Selenium and Rational Robot). CitiusTech also has strong expertise in multi-platform testing, performance testing, load testing and testing on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8 etc.) and cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon EC2, Google) of healthcare applications.

Essential Guide

CitiusTech has enabled healthcare systems with software testing of applications to deliver quality results in a secure and compliant manner. This whitepaper presents practical guidelines to build and release testing strategies in an agile environment.

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QA & Test Automation: Key Services

QA & Test Automation: Key Services

QA and Test Automation: Key offerings

Healthcare organizations leverage CitiusTech’s strong QA and test automation capabilities to test their enterprise applications and technology infrastructure. CitiusTech offers robust framework-driven approach and expertise in industry leading testing tools to help organizations accelerate their testing processes and provide significant cost benefits.

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Functional Testing
Testing functional capabilities of healthcare applications, including testing of healthcare workflows across the enterprise (e.g. IHE, HITSP)

Conformance Testing
Testing conformance to healthcare industry frameworks and security requirements (e.g. Meaningful Use, HIPAA, FDA requirements, VA requirements)

Interoperability Testing
Testing conformance to interoperability standards (e.g. HL7, FHIR, DICOM, NCPDP, CCD/CDA) by using industry standard testing tools. CitiusTech’s @Health framework provides an excellent platform for automated interoperability testing

Medical Imaging Testing
Testing medical imaging applications including specialized test automation tools for medical imaging (e.g. MESA, DVTK, Mirth)

Platform Testing
Testing applications on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc.), and testing applications for cross-browser compatibility

Load and Performance Testing
Testing enterprise healthcare applications against load and performance benchmarks. CitiusTech has strong expertise in leveraging cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon EC2, Google) for such testing.