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As high quality healthcare data becomes more available, and healthcare delivery becomes more patient-centric, organizations are leveraging data analytics to make better decisions at the point of care. Organizations are now adopting new approaches to help them generate actionable insights, facilitate strategic decisions and deliver proactive and consumer-centric care.

CitiusTech Data and Analytics Excellence Practice enables healthcare organizations to drive business intelligence with advanced analytics tools and accelerators that integrate healthcare data across the care continuum. The Practice offers strong clinical data interoperability capabilities and powerful analytics to drive adoption of new technologies and tools to help organizations in tracking quality initiatives, enhance operating performance and improve patient outcomes.

Data and Analytics Excellence: Key Offerings

CitiusTech Data and Analytics Excellence Practice offers healthcare data interoperability, big data, data warehousing (EDW), business intelligence and clinical analytics solutions to address the needs of large healthcare organizations with unique data and analytics needs.


The CitiusTech Interoperability Practice enables organizations to achieve seamless, secure, standards-driven information exchange, accelerating interoperability in healthcare. Our team helps in building flexible and scalable solutions, compatible with disparate technologies and standards, without compromising on data security and privacy. 

CitiusTech has over 700 HL7 certified professionals – largest worldwide. With its strong expertise in healthcare standards (FHIR, DICOM, X12), EAI tools and over 350 EHR and clinical applications, we enable organizations achieve enterprise connectivity.

Big Data

The CitiusTech Big Data Practice helps healthcare organizations develop and execute their big data strategy and manage and analyze ever growing volumes, velocity and variety of data from disparate sources. The Practice leverages Hadoop technologies to effectively store, process and query large healthcare datasets, and support big data use cases e.g. real-time clinical alerting.

The Big Data Practice also enables organizations to build custom big data solutions that can be integrated with existing applications, helping them accelerate their big data initiatives.


The CitiusTech’s BIDW Practice supports healthcare organization in meeting their current and emerging BI, analytics and reporting requirements, and develop strategies for healthcare data monetization.

The Practice enables healthcare organizations to define enterprise information management (EIM) strategies and build solutions for data acquisition, data modeling, data quality, master data management (MDM) and data security and data governance. It helps organizations set up enterprise data architecture (EDA), operational data store (ODS) and DWH and data mart.

Clinical Analytics

CitiusTech Clinical Analytics Practice addresses clinical quality reporting and decision support needs of healthcare organizations. The Practice enables organizations to define key clinical and financial performance indicators, benchmark performance, track risk-drivers and accelerate quality initiatives.

It leverages CitiusTech’s healthcare BI and analytics platform, BI-Clinical, which offers an extensive set of pre-built apps that covers over 700 KPIs around regulatory, clinical, financial and operational reporting – the largest measure library in the industry.