Real-time Performance Management Suite to Accelerate Value-Based Care

With the industry shift towards value-based care, healthcare ecosystem is facing severe cost and regulatory pressures. Organizations need to demonstrate excellence in analytics, stronger provider engagement, efficient network management and comprehensive risk management now more than ever. All this in addition to stronger contract negotiation, financial viability and legal compliance..

SCORE+™ is an end-to-end platform for value-based performance management, clinical quality management, gap-closures and payer HEDIS/STAR management. SCORE+™ empowers organizations to understand where to improve by making available the details of every measure, campaign and process. It is powered by CitiusTech’s Rules Engine which is industry’s fastest healthcare analytics rules engine that runs at the speed of business that enable organizations measure compliance daily, weekly, monthly depending on their needs. With its state-of-the-art technology SCORE+™ helps healthcare organizations drive improvement and boost revenues. 


A comprehensive solution for health plans to improve HEDIS scores, accelerate chart chase processes and carry out HEDIS compliance runs in real-time. 

Key features of SCORE+ for HEDIS are:

  • Extensive Rules Management: NCQA certified analytics platform, BI-Clinical, fastest Rules Engine to assess compliance at speed of business, a Rules Library comprising of 900+ pre-built CQMs and KPIs including HEDIS measures, and a Rules Management Module to easily build and manage complex KPIs
  • Advanced Campaign Management: One-stop shop, configurable, workflow-driven campaign management solution across all nodal points (e.g. chart retrieval & chase execution); handles HEDIS, MRR, pre-HEDIS season campaigns and off-season chases
  • Efficient Chase Intelligence: Automated chase prioritization to identify highest priority chases and allocation of visits for specific measures to maximize return on invested effort
  • Intuitive Chart Abstraction: Web or mobile-based clinical data abstraction module to support review and capture of medical records leading to increased efficiency and no duplication of records
  • Comprehensive Data Submission: Support for NCQA based submission (IDSS & PLD), reconciliation and audit support for data quality & accuracy, multiple output views, custom extracts for specific measure set

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SCORE+ for ACOs & CINs

A unified solution to manage ACO and CIN performance needs around network efficiency, contract negotiations, legal compliance and cross-continuum patient care.

Key features of SCORE+ for ACOs & CINs are:

  • Coordinated Provider Outreach: Unified communication across multiple programs and campaigns  
  • Unified Care Coordination: Ability to access and process claims and clinical data with ease, enabling care coordination across the healthcare continuum
  • Sophisticated Contract Management: Features to facilitate contract management by enabling contract performance monitoring and improving shared savings programs
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Strong data management capabilities to help address needs around data, integration, contracting, compliance, technology

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