Mobile Health

Drive effective patient engagement with intelligent mobile solutions

Mobile health and the Internet of Things (IoT) are likely to make a significant impact on healthcare - across consumers, physicians, hospitals, payers and communities. Mobile health is becoming more and more important in enterprise strategies to manage patients outside the provider office and prevent emergent care.  However, enabling an effective two-way communication between a healthcare enterprise and mobile device users (e.g. consumers, patients, physicians, care managers, etc.) requires substantial effort including streamlining technology, architecture uplift and HIPAA and PHI compliance to ensure standardization, scalability and security.

Customized as per client requirements

M-Verge, CitiusTech’s mobile health platform, is custom-designed and developed to establish a scalable and configurable communication channel between mobile devices, consumer health devices and our client healthcare enterprise. M-Verge can be customized to enable a wide variety of mobile-driven use cases to drive care management (clinical alerts, medication management), physician-patient collaboration (chat, phone) and patient interaction (scheduling, payment reminders). It also facilitates access to wearable devices and IoT to support use cases like remote patient monitoring, geofencing, etc. With M-Verge, healthcare organizations have an optimal, cost-effective, customized platform to build a unified, scalable mobile health strategy that is aligned with their business needs.

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M-Verge Key Offerings

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M-Verge: Key Use Cases

M-Verge platform offers tools and accelerators that enables healthcare organizations to accelerate design, development and roll-out of innovative mobile solutions across iOS and Android devices, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Information and healthcare management

Clinical decision support, EHRs and tracking tools, diagnostic tools and medical reference, continuing medical education, real-time alerts and notifications, logistical and payment support, reminders, medication and device adherence, health assessment, new disease management programs.

IoT, wearable technology, sensor and monitoring applications

Fitness and nutrition apps for health and wellness monitoring, data aggregation and data integration with medical devices, wearables and applications (ResearchKit, HealthKit, Google Fit, etc.), disease surveillance/remote monitoring, diagnostic tools, technical logistics, biometric authentication, virtual personal assistants (VPAs), smart coaching, embedded security.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Safety data collection, consumer education, medical education, patient-centric trials, clinical trials, patient recruitment and retention, post–market monitoring, drug authentication, social media, patient compliance, patient engagement (surveys, assessments, appointment scheduling, etc.), diagnosis (mobile imaging), research, analytics for drug administration and adherence patterns.

Remote Monitoring

Mobile video consultations, collaboration and surgery, non-video consultations and collaboration, diagnostic services, remote collaboration in emergency situations, evisits, remote monitoring, video conferencing, shared care plan, assisted living, emergency care, home and hospice care.

M-Verge: Mobility is Driving a Connected Health Ecosystem

The M-Verge platform offers tools and accelerators that enable healthcare organizations to accelerate design, development and rollout of innovative mobile solutions across iOS and Android devices, wearables and the Internet of Healthcare Things.

M-Verge: Healthcare Mobility Demo

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M-Verge enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly and cost-effectively deploy mobile-driven use cases using a secure, HIPAA compliant and scalable SaaS based environment.