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What is a Consent Management System?

A consent management system includes processes and policies that enable consumers and patients to determine what health information they are willing to permit care providers to access. It enables patients and consumers to affirm their participation in e-health initiatives and to establish consent directives to determine who will have access to their Protected Health Information (PHI), for what purpose and under what circumstances.

Does the FAST+ solution consider state-wise variations of consent management?

Yes, it can be easily configured to comply with state-level consent.

Does the FAST+ Consent Management System integrate with clients existing authentication and authorization solution?

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with existing authentication and authorization solutions such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Windows Active Directory (AD), Keycloak, etc.

Does the FAST+ solution consent management system have an UI (User Interface) for obtaining patient / member consent?

The Consent Management UI is a part of FAST+. Additionally, as most of the payers have their own members, consent management can be added as an additional screen into their existing portal.

Can the FAST+ solution obtain consent online?

Yes, it can obtain consent online using the Keycloak authorization server.

How does CitiusTech manage the attestation process for third party apps?

Third Party apps will be provided with separate client IDs to make secure API calls.

How does the FAST+ solution manage online and offline consent?

Online consent is managed using Keycloak's out-of-the-box features. For offline consent, CitiusTech leverages consent stored in the database for validation and manages access accordingly.

How does the FAST+ solution capture consent in the absence of a member portal?

FAST+ offers a separate UI to capture member consent in case the customer does not have an existing member portal.

How do I link consent and AD-related data for enrolled membership?

Patients identified as legitimate users with records in the Active Directory get consent. Keycloak is synced with Active Directory users to perform authentication.


FHIR® Interface API

Does FAST+ have an API management solution?

Currently, FAST+ does not have an API management feature. However, we can leverage any third-party API management platform.

Does FAST+ support only FHIR® resources needed for CMS’ Interoperability Patient Access Rule?

CitiusTech’s FHIR® server has the capability to support all FHIR® resources, but currently possesses public endpoints to expose attributes that comply with CMS’ mandate.

Can we access FHIR® APIs?

Yes, we have a public UI to access the FHIR® APIs on our website.


Solution Hosting

Is FAST+ a hosted or an on-premise solution?

FAST+ is flexible and customers can choose their hosting options as per convenience.

Is there a cloud version of FAST+ available?

FAST+ can be installed on AWS and Azure cloud platforms. It is offered as an IaaS model and can be extended to leverage PaaS offerings based on client needs.

Does CitiusTech offer end-to-end FHIR®-related services?

Yes, all we need is customer data. The FAST+ solution is built on a PaaS model and ensures end-to-end data processing along with managing necessary system hardware.


FAST+ Solution

Does FAST+ offer bulk FHIR® APIs?

Yes, CitiusTech offers FHIR® use-cases to facilitate payer-to-payer data exchange that comply with CMS mandates.

What technology stack does FAST+ use?

FAST+ leverages the following technology stack:

  • Frontend: Visual Studio Code, Ionic Angular (Typescript)
  • Backend: Java, Tomcat, SQL Server, Keycloak
  • Development: STS, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18, GIT, Postman

Is FAST+ HIPAA compliant?

Yes, FAST+ meets all necessary HIPAA compliance requirements. HIPAA compliance certification is also a part of our roadmap.



Is the FHIR® repository available on NoSQL database?

Yes, the FHIR® repository can be configured on multimodal and NoSQL document databases. CitiusTech recommends using multimodal DB like PostGres for its FHIR® repository.

Can data from FAST+ used to calculate HEDIS measures?

Data obtained from FAST+ has helped our clients close gaps-in-care using the Care Gaps API.

Is there an accessible framework to build SMART on FHIR® apps?

Yes, FAST+ offers pre-built healthcare FHIR® enabled use cases which can be easily extended for client-specific customization needs.


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