Centralized Platform to Accelerate Your Quality & Analytics Strategy

Transforming business models and evolving regulatory requirements (MACRA, HEDIS, CMS STAR, ACO, HCC, PCMH, etc) and strategic needs (Population Health, Registries, QCDRs, EDWs, etc.) have driven the need for healthcare organizations to tighten their quality and analytics strategy. However, organizations often use disparate solutions to meet their technology needs. This leads to significant long-term challenges around transparency, data management, quality and performance management. CitiusTech offers an integrated, sustainable and scalable approach toward analytics and reporting that can meet the current and the future needs. It empowers healthcare organizations clearly define their Roadmap to Value.

BI-Clinical™ is CitiusTech’s industry-leading platform for healthcare analytics and reporting. It is a one stop shop solution for reporting on multiple regulatory, contractual, financial and operational initiatives. It is powered by CitiusTech’s Java Rules Engine™ which is industry’s fastest healthcare analytics rules engine that runs at the speed of business. BI-Clinical™ enables you to monitor your population and proactively close gaps. It also ensures accuracy of submissions and enable traceability for audits.


BI-Clinical: Advantage

  • Largest regulatory coverage HEDIS®, STAR, ACO, HCC, VBP, MIPS, PCMH etc.
  • Centralized analytics for clinical, financial and operational metrics
  • Certified data submission vendor for payer and provider measures
  • Real-time alerts for point-of-care decision support
  • BIC-RMM to create, edit, and manage complex healthcare rules without any scripting / dependency on IT
  • BIC-Audit for comprehensive, real-time audit and traceability of clinical measures, cohorts and rules


BI-Clinical is the most widely used 3rd party healthcare BI and analytics platform across the U.S., with a coverage of 4,800+ deployments, 550,000+ providers, 40M+ lives and 140M+ patient visits.

* As per regulation § 170.523(k)(1)(iii) of the ONC 2015 Edition Final Rule, the Cost and Limitations and Product Information Statement for BI-Clinical can be found here: BI-Clinical 18.4, BI-Clinical 18.11

*HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Success Story

BI-Clinical Helps Centra Health Overcome Critical Data Management Challenges


Consumers Like It Fast: BI-Clinical Delivers on Performance

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BI-Clinical RMM (Rules Management)

Award-winning, state-of-the-art rules management module in the industry  
  • Easily build, deploy and manage complex rules including clinical, operational, financial and custom rules  
  • Largest library of pre-built KPIs with 900+ clinical, financial, operational and data quality rules
  • 60% more efficient in process efficiency for quality measure management
  • 40% faster go-live due to time saved in measure deployment and testing

Learn more about BIC-RMM >

BI-Clinical Audit (Real-time Audit and Traceability)

BIC-Audit -  A comprehensive and only audit solution to facilitate a hassle-free audit.
  • Complete support for CMS / NCQA program audits (including links to federal register to review a specific audit regulation)
  • Real-time measure traceability, compliance and audit of patients
  • Pre-built comprehensive library of reports with traceability by provider, measure and even regulation
  • Documentation management for attestations done over a period of time
  • 10-year guarantee – support for all clinical quality measures developed in BI-Clinical!

Learn more about BIC-Audit >

BI-Clinical Rules Engine

Healthcare industry moves fast, this one moves faster. You might even say this is the fastest there is! Intrigued? 
  • A highly configurable and scalable Rules Engine that can compute complex healthcare performance measures across domains  The only data submission platform certified for both provider & payer measures 
  • Caters to your speed of business; can process in real-time or batch with daily, weekly, monthly and on-demand runs 
  • The only data submission platform certified for both provider & payer measures 

BI-Clinical Analytics

Measure, monitor and act to drive clinical quality improvement and manage populations  
  • Powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use interface for advanced analytics 
  • Pre-built reports to cater to a broad spectrum of initiatives - Quality, HEDIS, MIPS, MU, HCC, STAR make the solution usable from the first day 
  • Extensibility for custom reporting to cater to organizational initiatives and other ad-hoc reporting requirements


BI-Clinical: Healthcare BI / Analytics Platform

BI-Clinical is the most widely used healthcare BI and analytics platform, certified for both provider and payer measures. It offers an extensive range of configurable apps that cover over 900 KPIs - the largest measure library in the industry and leveraged at 4,800+ provider locations.