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Evolving quality and regulatory requirements (MACRA, HEDIS, CMS STAR, ACO,HCC, PCMH, etc.) have driven the need for organizations to enhance their BI / analytics strategy. However, they often use disparate solutions to meet BI / analytics and reporting needs. With massive volumes of diverse healthcare data being generated each day, these disparate solutions often lead to significant long-term challenges around data management, clinical quality and performance management. Organizations need an integrated, sustainable and scalable approach towards BI / analytics and reporting, to effectively meet current and future needs.

BI-Clinical, CitiusTech’s healthcare BI and analytics platform, offers an integrated approach to address the healthcare organization’s most critical quality reporting and decision support needs. It offers an extensive range of configurable apps that cover over 750 KPIs for clinical, financial, operational and regulatory requirements – the largest measure library in the industry. BI-Clinical’s high-performance rules engine enables organizations to configure and deploy custom quality measures based on their business requirements and is scalable to process up to 100 million patient records.


Key Highlights:

  • Largest regulatory coverage HEDIS®, STAR, ACO, HCC, VBP, MIPS, PCMH etc.
  • Centralized analytics for clinical, financial and operational metrics
  • Certified data submission vendor for payer and provider measures
  • Real-time alerts for point-of-care decision support
  • 4,800+ provider locations leveraging the output
  • Supports over 550,000 providers and over 30 million lives
  • Measure, Monitor, Act analytics framework
  • On-premise or cloud deployments


BI-Clinical is the most widely used 3rd party healthcare BI and analytics platform across the U.S., with a coverage of 4,800+ deployments, 550,000+ providers, 30M+ lives and 140M+ patient visits.

*As per regulation § 170.523(k)(1)(iii) of the ONC 2014 Edition Final Rule, the Cost and Limitations and Product Information Statement for BI-Clinical can be found here: BI-Clinical 13.1 (CHP-023054), BI-Clinical 13.1 (CHP-023055), BI-Clinical 15.7 NZ (CHP-028421), BI-Clinical 15.7 NZ (CHP-029157). As per regulation § 170.523(k)(1)(iii) of the ONC 2015 Edition Final Rule, the Cost and Limitations and Product Information Statement for BI-Clinical can be found here: BI-Clinical 16.09 ( 16.09 NZ (, BI-Clinical 17.05. BI-Clinical NZ 17.07

*HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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BI-Clinical: Healthcare BI/ Analytics Platform


BI-Clinical: Key Modules

BI-Clinical is flexible, configurable and scalable. With apps that cover over 750 KPIs around regulatory, clinical, financial and operational reporting, BI-Clinical offers powerful capabilities to measure, monitor and act on the data distributed across the organization.

Rules Engine

ONC and NCQA certified Rules Engine to compute complex quality measures
  • QCDR Certified Submission Vendor for 2018 performance period of MIPS
  • Used at 4,800+ provider locations across the US
  • Certified across payer quality measures (NCQA HEDIS), inpatient (ONC), outpatient (ONC, PQRS)
  • Ability to carry out near real-time reporting and daily compliance runs, reduce turnaround time and accelerate gap closure
  • Highly customizable engine that caters to a wide range of clinical, financial and operational needs
  • Ability to run administrative, standard and non-standard supplemental data
  • Flexible reporting periods - YTD, rolling periods
  • Platform scalability for large organizations (run up to 100M members)

Rules Management

The first and only tool in the industry to easily edit, build and manage regulatory, contractual and operational rules, without any dependence on IT.
  • 30% faster go-live due to time saved in measure deployment and testing
  • 2-3 minutes to import / export value sets as compared to 1-2 days spent previously
  • 60% improvement in process efficiency for quality measure management
  • Complete auditability with all change history and timestamps for measures and associated users
  • Reusable rules with ready templates and easy copy / edit functionality for fast changes

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Clinical Decision Support

Allows organizations to leverage real-time information, avoid errors and adverse events and make sense of data within workflows to enhance clinical decisions
  • Integrated data from disparate systems and sources with access to information and rules in one central place
  • Structured reports to simplify complex information, highlighting potential gaps in care with actionable intelligence
  • Support for alerts, reminders, decision charts, dashboards, etc.
  • Access to up-to-date measures, data and guidelines with real-time outcomes
  • Increased data accuracy and prevention of adverse events resulting in proactive care delivery
  • One data model to meet all regulatory and CDS requirements with a single rules engine for easy implementation of rules
  • Easy integration with existing processes and workflows

Data Quality

  • Data quality identification and scorecards
  • Data quality rule patterns and parameters
  • Quality check across all quality measures on various parameters - accuracy, completeness, consistency, etc.
  • Right analytics with the right kind of data

Analytics and Reporting

Suite of analytics tools, dashboards and rich visualizations to accelerate decision making and gap closure
  • Out-of-the-box starter reports (e.g. Quality, HCC, STAR, Provider 360, etc.) to make the solution usable from the first day
  • Additional flexibility to add custom reports or modify existing UI
  • Centralized configuration and role-based access for all reports and visualizations
  • Powerful, intuitive easy-to-use tools for report creation and customization

BI-Clinical: Healthcare BI/Analytics Platform

BI-Clinical is the most widely used healthcare BI and analytics platform, certified for both provider and payer measures. It offers an extensive range of configurable apps that cover over 750+ KPIs - the largest measure library in the industry and deployed at 4,800+ locations.