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Healthcare is undergoing a massive transformation. Technology is increasingly helping organizations to engage with patients and caregivers, provide real-time information, and support care delivery. Healthcare IT teams also face many new challenges across the clinical value chain, such as reducing IT budgets and new consumer expectations. CIOs need to invest in technologies that enables them to drive value-based performance (e.g. VBP, ACO, CIN, MACRA), reduce costs and manage growing data security concerns, in an increasingly interconnected world.

CitiusTech offers large health systems and IDNs a unique combination of healthcare technology services and platforms. We help healthcare organizations address complex technology challenges and leverage unique opportunities for innovation. Our specialized teams with strong healthcare domain and technology capabilities help drive costs down and accelerate innovation in healthcare.

CitiusTech’s solutions are complemented by an extensive suite of management consulting services from FluidEdge Consulting. FluidEdge offers an experienced team of senior consulting professionals with health care operations and IT experience, for integrated hospital, physician, and community provider networks - focusing on process optimization, volume-to-value payment, care and risk management.

Large Providers / IDNs: Driving Clinical Value Chain Excellence

Inpatient Providers, Ambulatory Providers, Specialized Healthcare Providers, Ancillary Care Providers, CitiusTech


SCORE+ for CINs is an end-to-end suite to help CIN organizations accelerate quality reporting, manage risk-based contracts and enhance collaboration for gap closure. 

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Healthcare Provider Technology Services, CitiusTech

Solution Highlights

  • Comprehensive reporting for clinical, financial and operational KPIs using a high-performance rules engine
  • Modular architecture to pick and choose relevant components
  • Highly configurable dashboards for real-time monitoring and quick closure of gaps-in-care


  • Industry’s first-of-its-kind comprehensive solution for enterprise rules management
  • Coverage of major quality programs and measures
  • Complete ownership of solution with the ability to enhance existing functionality

Large Health Systems/ IDNs: Healthcare Technology Platforms

CitiusTech offers enterprise healthcare solutions to enable large health systems and IDNs to address their complex technology challenges and leverage unique opportunities for innovation. These platforms are designed to accelerate the delivery of business solutions by combining broad technology aptitude with deep healthcare understanding.

Healthcare Provider Technology Solutions, CitiusTech

NCQA 2018 Certified healthcare BI / analytics platform with 750+ clinical, financial, operational & regulatory KPIs - largest CQM library, and self-authoring Rules Management Module (RMM). The platform includes actionable analytics to drive quality, revenue, cost and operational outcomes. It covers major quality initiatives – MACRA, MU, ACO-33, HEDIS, PQRS, etc.

A suite of predictive analytics tools and statistical services for value-based care, denials management, optimum resource utilization, at-risk population detection, remote patient monitoring, etc. Medictiv is supported by a team of data scientists and healthcare data modelers for statistical mining and predictive analytics.


Healthcare data integration and management platform to accelerate master data management and automated analytics. Portable to any data platform, including Hadoop, NoSQL, MPP and RDBMS.