CitiusTech’s PERFORM+ Connect Platform Earns ONC-Approved G10 FHIR® API+ Certification from Drummond Group  

Achieving G10 FHIR API+ certification demonstrates the PERFORM+ Connect platform’s compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act, ensuring required data interoperability between providers and patients via certified FHIR® APIs for patient and population health services.

Princeton, N.J. (Feb 2nd, 2023) - CitiusTech, a leading provider of healthcare technology services and solutions, announces its PERFORM+ Connect product has received ONC-approved (g)(10) FHIR API Certification from Drummond Group. This highly sought-after certification validates PERFORM+ Connect as fully compliant with the FHIR Implementation Guides referenced in the (g)(10) FHIR API of the 21st Century Cures Act mandate.

“CitiusTech’s PERFORM+ Connect platform received our Drummond G10 FHIR API+ Certification powered by Touchstone because it met the rigorous requirements set by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Our ONC-approved certification validates the platform’s conformance with the HL7® FHIR standard and required use cases,” says Ryan Patano, Drummond president.

Deemed as the most critical 21st Century Cures Act certification to date, the (g)(10) FHIR API certification requires the use of Health Level 7 (HL7) FHIR standards with implementation specifications aimed toward patient and population health services.

“Healthcare providers must connect patients with their data and do so in the most seamless and secure way possible,” said Jeffrey Springer, senior vice president of healthcare solutions at CitiusTech. “As our second FHIR-related certification, the G10 FHIR API+ seal of approval strongly asserts PERFORM+ Connect’s ability to meet ONC’s FHIR requirements for patient and population health services. That should give current and future CitiusTech customers great comfort and confidence.”

The G10 FHIR API+ certification enhances PERFORM+ Connect’s value to customers in four areas:

  • Enabling the platform to interact with EHRs per the mandated compliance to transmit electronic health information (EHI) via the certified FHIR API
  • Future-proofing the platform when integrating with providers to ensure ongoing adherence with evolving regulatory and interoperability requirements
  • Supporting secure and compliant access to EHR data using FHIR APIs for patient and population health services along with Prior Authorization, supplemental data exchange, and others
  • Relieving payers and practitioners from the burdens of integration, interpreting regulations, and finding solutions that enable data access using FHIR

Under the ONC’s Cures Act, providers must implement FHIR technology measures that give patients access to their healthcare records via FHIR API-based interoperability between their provider’s electronic record and the patient’s smartphone or other modern software applications. Also, any healthcare data exchange must now comply with the U.S. Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) standard instead of the Common Clinical Data Set.

PERFORM+ Connect offers out-of-the-box interoperability across payer, provider, and third-party organizations by leveraging FHIR-enabled components and modules, including several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), a FHIR data repository, and an Identity Access Management (IAM) module. In addition to leveraging standards like FHIR, CCDA, and HL7, PERFORM+ Connect maximizes data access from a host of sources through custom-configured FHIR interfaces and other canonical formats.

Beyond PERFORM+ Connect’s two Drummond Group certifications, the platform adheres to multiple HL7 Implementation Guides, including CARIN BB, USCDI, and Da-Vinci. The platform can expose patient access, provider, and formulary APIs and connect to them securely using OAuth 2.0 protocols. With a scalable architecture, it enables use cases like future compliance designations, additional APIs, reporting requirements, as well as integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

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For CitiusTech - Priyal Shah
Lead, Corporate Communications