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To meet the unique technology needs of healthcare organizations, CitiusTech offers specialized services to its clients across consulting, product management, security and performance optimization. CitiusTech leverages its experience of working with over 70 leading healthcare organizations and more than thousands of man years of professional experience for every business partner to help design, build and implement enterprise healthcare solutions and accelerate end-user technology adoption in a timely and cost effective manner.

Healthcare Domain Consulting, Performance Optimization, Security Testing, User Experience Design

Key Service Offerings

Healthcare Consulting, Healthcare User Experience, Healthcare UX, CitiusTech, Performance Optimization, Security Management

Healthcare Domain Consulting
CitiusTech’s Healthcare Consulting service brings together deep healthcare domain knowledge, process expertise and cutting-edge technology skills to help healthcare organizations address some of their most critical business and technology challenges. 

CitiusTech focuses on providing an array of technology consulting support across product management, regulatory and product compliance, technology selection, data monetization, and BI/analytics to help clients enhance their technology solutions and clinical data assets.

User Experience Design
With the increasing adoption of consumer devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearables, there has been a sizeable shift in the way healthcare data is accessed, used and managed, by care providers as well as consumers. Healthcare organizations face an uphill battle in keeping physicians and consumers engaged – providing more interactivity while minimizing the complexity of applications for better user experience.

The CitiusTech User Experience team (UX SWAT team) works with leading healthcare organizations to help them design user interfaces with complex functionalities and solve key usability challenges for a wide range of healthcare personae – patients, physicians, nurses, administrative staff, care coordinators, advanced analytics users, decision makers, home care providers and specialist care providers.

Security Management
The interoperability of healthcare data, widespread use of consumer devices and adoption of new technology enablers like mobility and cloud computing – which increase vulnerability of healthcare IT systems.  Healthcare IT teams need to protect their infrastructure, applications and data from security threats and meet regulatory needs like HIPAA and PCI.

CitiusTech’s Security Management team (Security SWAT Team) helps healthcare organization design, build and test applications to minimize security vulnerabilities – both at application and infrastructure level. Security SWAT team offerings include application security, network security, HIPAA compliance, data protection, vulnerability remediation, mobile application security and health cloud security.

Performance Optimization
Healthcare personnel depend on a wide range of mission critical applications for point-of-care decision support, clinical alerts, radiology workflows, emergency care, etc. IT teams are under constant pressure to ensure optimal application and network performance.

CitiusTech offers strong capabilities to help clients architect, build and test applications for meeting specific performance requirements. CitiusTech Performance SWAT team includes senior architects with significant experience in designing and building large scale enterprise applications, as well as strong performance testing engineers with expertise in performance management tools (Load Runner, JMeter).

  • CitiusTech Specialized Services

    CitiusTech has a focused healthcare technology consulting, UX design, security and performance optimization services to enhance healthcare applications and accelerate ROI of technology investments.

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    CitiusTech provides specialized technology services to help address new industry challenges and meet evolving user needs.

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