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Mobile health and the Internet of Things (IoT) are likely to make a significant impact on healthcare - across consumers, physicians, hospitals, payers and communities. However, enabling an effective two-way communication between a healthcare enterprise and mobile device users (e.g. consumers, patients, physicians, etc.) requires substantial effort including streamlining technology, architecture uplift and HIPAA and PHI compliance to ensure standardization, scalability and security.

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M-Verge, CitiusTech’s mobile health platform, is designed to establish a scalable and configurable communication channel between mobile devices, consumer health devices and the healthcare enterprise. M-Verge enables a wide variety of mobile-driven use cases such as care management (clinical alerts, medication management), physician-patient collaboration (chat, phone) and patient interaction (enrollment, payment reminders). It also facilitates access to wearable devices and IoT to support use cases like remote patient monitoring, geofencing, etc.

With M-Verge, healthcare organizations have an optimal, cost-effective platform to build a unified, scalable mobile health strategy that is aligned with their business needs.


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M-Verge provides FHIR and non-FHIR REST/JSON based APIs to access data from mobile and other devices. These APIs enable application administrators to provide feature management and usage data analytics.

The solution offers a wide range of options for data connectivity with enterprise applications, using standard adapters for web services and FTP.  It allows users to manage asynchronous use cases by provisioning pull-based endpoints. M-Verge also provides architectural patterns and recipes for service integration, to support various external connectivity use cases, e.g. video conferencing.

Key Offerings

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Integrating with mobile devices, apps and platforms, including integration with new tools (e.g., Apple Health, Google Fit)

Support for communication of multiple clinical entities (e.g. clinical alerts, medication reminders, orders/results) and bi-directional payloads exchange between the healthcare enterprise and mobile devices

Built on top of scalable, public cloud infrastructure to support very large scale up of mobile users over time

Privacy & Security
Support for advanced privacy and security features needed for using and sharing healthcare data, e.g. data encryption, lost device management


Key Use Cases

Mobile Health Use Cases, Reminders, Appointments, Healthcare Notifications, CitiusTech

Integrating healthcare notifications with mobile device notifications
E.g. appointment reminders, medication adherence, new request for health assessment, launch of new disease management program, etc.

Deploying native agents for collecting data from health devices and wearable devices
E.g. integrating data from Apple Health and Google Fit

Leveraging health and home sensor data with geofencing
E.g. assisted living, emergency care, home and hospice care

Providing bi-directional, interoperable and secure communication between providers and consumers
E.g. eVisits, remote monitoring, video conferencing, shared care plan

CitiusTech Videos

M-Verge: Mobility is Driving a Connected Health Ecosystem

The M-Verge platform offers tools and accelerators that enable healthcare organizations to accelerate design, development and rollout of innovative mobile solutions across iOS and Android devices, wearables and the Internet of Healthcare Things.

M-Verge: Healthcare Mobility Demo

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M-Verge enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly and cost-effectively deploy mobile-driven use cases using a secure, HIPAA compliant and scalable SaaS based environment.

  • About M-Verge

    M-Verge is a unified suite of tools and accelerators for mobile enablement for healthcare organizations, to accelerate design, development and roll-out innovative mobile solutions across iOS and Android devices, wearables and consumer health devices.

  • Key Success Stories

    M-Verge provides an end-to-end platform for accelerated mobile driven patient and physician engagement.

    Please click on the link below to read more about how M-Verge helped accelerate innovation in mobile health for our partners.

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