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Healthcare organizations today need to adopt agile and cost-effective cloud strategies that make optimal use of resources and help them quickly adapt to changing market needs. As an established AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, CitiusTech combines extensive healthcare domain knowledge with a deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem to help organizations build, optimize and manage their cloud environments.

CitiusTech is an Advanced Tier Consulting Partner to AWS, with a strong team of AWS Certified Developers and Architects proficient on AWS EC2, S3, EBS, RedShift, Lambda, Beanstalk, RDS, Cloud formation, DynamoDB and CloudTrail. We have strong experience in building cloud-native applications as well as migrating large enterprise healthcare applications to the cloud. We have helped some of the world’s leading payers, providers and medical device companies design and implement their cloud strategies, and fully leverage the flexibility and efficiency of AWS.

Accelerate Healthcare Digital Innovation

Enable healthcare organizations to adopt a Cloud-first approach. 

Build and Modernize around Patient outcomes

Build and Modernize around Patient outcomes

Keeping improved patient outcomes as our true north, our team can help build next-generation Healthcare platforms.

Our deep clinical workflow, medical imaging experience combined with the breadth of AWS services can bring great value to your patients/members.

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Proactively close gaps in care with predictive analytics

Unlock patient/member value and reduce operational costs by leveraging preventative treatment. 

By leveraging AWS advanced analytic tools and ML models, we can empower your team to identify trends and predict outcomes.

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Proactively close gaps in care with predictive analytics
Ensure continuity of care by enabling health data sharing

Ensure continuity of care by enabling health data sharing

Increase patient & physician engagement by enabling prompt & secure information sharing across healthcare systems.

With over 300+ HL7 certified engineers and our experience with FHIR, HL7 v2/v3, X12, DICOM, LOINC and SNOMED, we can help democratize data across your systems. 

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Our Platforms

Our platforms simplify the deployment implementation of critical healthcare functions to make delivery faster, more efficient and reliable.

Recent Success Story

CitiusTech Automates the Monitoring & Management of IMO's AWS Infrastructure

CitiusTech is working with Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) to automate the monitoring & management of their AWS infrastructure. CitiusTech is building solutions to monitor, track and manage the AWS resources across the organization using services such as AWS Cloudwatch Event Bridge, AWS Elastic Container Service, AWS Athena, AWS Lambda, AWS Dynamodb and AWS Health Aware Service to reduce toil and improve visibility across IMO.

CitiusTech Develops a Cloud-based Data & Analytics solution to automate TeamHealth’s MIPS submission using AWS

CitiusTech is working with TeamHealth to build solutions that help streamline and automate MIPS submission related activities with a goal to maximize MIPS incentives for its clinicians. CitiusTech using AWS storage & analytics services, designed and developed a cloud-based Data & Analytics solution that was used for future programs such as bundled payments, reporting etc. CitiusTech leveraged its DataOps expertise to include block-based snapshots that follow best practices for resilient and non-disruptive backups.

CitiusTech develops an automated Continuous Integration/Continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for GE Healthcare

GE HealthCare required an automated Continuous Integration/Continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline that will allow them build, deploy, and update the AW Cloud solution* in the Amazon Web Services Cloud environment to fundamentally reduce manual steps when deploying AW Cloud Solution. As per GE HealthCare’s requirements CitiusTech's DevOps team successfully built the CI/CD pipeline with automated steps to:

• Upload AW Server OVA file from AW artifact repository to AWS S3 bucket

• Create a new AMI template from uploaded AW Server OVA image

• Test AMI template for cloud usage with packages like crowstrike, splunk, qualysis, SSM

• Send notification on successful deployment or error scenarios

*AW Cloud Solution is a USA-specific solution which is in development and is not commercially available for sale

CitiusTech Develops a Hearing Health Analytical platform for Birdsong Hearing Benefits LLC

CitiusTech worked with Birdsong to build an analytical platform to derive hearing health insights, care management strategies, and customer engagement by building a foundational member data store to establish a single source of truth - a predictive algorithm to identify members and stratify their risk of hearing loss. The team leveraged analytics to demonstrate insights of members with post hearing loss complications using AWS services like AWS Glue, s3, QuickSight, SageMaker.

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