Discover through an on-demand webinar, the power of Enterprise Imaging in healthcare transformation. This webinar unveils the synergy between Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Enterprise Imaging which brings to the fore the power to revolutionize clinical workflows. 

The on-demand webinar will focus on EHR Integration Standards that help bridge the gap between clinical and imaging workflows for seamless operations. Panel experts will talk about a Unified Solution in the form of an Enterprise Viewer for managing DICOM and Non-DICOM images thus promoting efficient and secure diagnoses.

It will also highlight the Digital Pathology Advancements covering Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) integrated into EHR and Laboratory Information System (LIS) for revolutionary diagnostics. You also get to learn from luminaries of the industry about successful Enterprise Imaging implementations and best practices.

Join us to streamline clinical imaging, expedite diagnoses, and optimize patient outcomes. Witness how Enterprise Imaging transforms healthcare, step by step.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Enterprise Imaging interact, highlighting their mutual benefits within healthcare setups.
  • Examining the functions and advantages of Enterprise Viewers, which streamline tasks by offering a centralized platform for viewing, annotating, and sharing radiology images.
  • Recognizing the growing importance of Enterprise Imaging initiatives in imaging organizations and the potential benefits they bring in terms of efficiency, accessibility, and improved patient care.
  • Learning from industry leaders who will share their expertise and experiences, offering valuable insights and successful strategies for implementing Enterprise Imaging effectively.



Alexander J. Towbin, MD, FAAP, FACR, FSIIM:
Dr. Towbin is a renowned leader in pediatric radiology and imaging informatics, serving as Associate Chief of Radiology and Associate CMIO at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. With over 300 articles and 150 book chapters, his expertise spans pediatric abdominal imaging, cancer imaging, informatics, and quality improvement.

Chris Hafey, Principal Solutions Architect, Health AI, AWS:
As Principal Solutions Architect in AWS Health AI, Chris leverages 25+ years of medical imaging experience. He's known for developing pioneering medical imaging products and contributing to DICOM web specifications, actively enhancing web-based viewing performance.

Rob Lewis, Founder and CEO, Radical Imaging:
With over 30 years in medical imaging innovation, Rob is the Founder and CEO of Radical Imaging. His journey spans from academic research to commercial software engineering, co-founding the 3D Imaging Service at Massachusetts General Hospital and leading roles in DICOM and PACS development, culminating in Radical Imaging's FlexView.

John Memarian, VP, Medical Imaging and Informatics, CitiusTech:
Bringing over 7 years of clinical and technical expertise in adult and pediatric imaging, John has held executive roles focusing on healthcare imaging interoperability standards and groundbreaking technologies globally. His background spans leadership, healthcare IT solutions, and a commitment to combatting global infant mortality linked to hypothermia through non-profit involvement.