Enterprise Applications

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Leverage our next-generation solutions to design and build your enterprise applications

Driven by cost constraints and time-to-market pressures, healthcare organizations need to meaningfully adopt technology, best-in-class development / QA methodologies and cloud-based deployment models.

The CitiusTech Enterprise Applications proficiency develops long-term partnerships with healthcare organizations and enables them to:

  • Leverage our strong application development capabilities including UX, architecture, design, development and QA / test automation
  • Deploy full-stack engineering teams for a wide variety of development platforms, across front-end, services, data tier and QA
  • Adopt platform, containerization and API-based models, while addressing new challenges for legacy applications and infrastructure

Enterprise Applications: Practices

The CitiusTech Enterprise Applications proficiency develops long-term partnerships with healthcare organizations and enables them to leverage next-generation technology & practices to design and build enterprise applications.

Product Engineering

  • Expertise across traditional development platforms such as .NET, Java, Node.js as well as newer models such as Netflix stack, Serverless and Microservices
  • Full stack engineering across AWS and Azure stacks
  • Design and development of best-in-class patient / physician apps across smartphones, wearables and IoT, integrated with enterprise applications
  • Complete SDLC coverage to help clients at all stages of product roadmap and application development
  • Access to tools, reference architectures and accelerators

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Health Cloud

  • Deep understanding of product engineering, migration, optimization and managed service desk
  • Build for security, fault tolerance, high availability, disaster recovery, multi-tenancy on cloud platforms
  • Migration of on-premise workloads to the cloud using virtualization and containerization, optimize migration from IaaS model to PaaS / SaaS models
  • Assessment of cloud security, encryption requirements, auditing, logging, HA, DR, BAAs, etc.
  • Management and monitoring cloud infrastructure, applications and infrastructure, patching and upgrade of components etc.
  • CitiusTech's Integrated Cloud Suite, a comprehensive suite of cloud frameworks, cloud platform services and pre-built accelerators to maximize the ROI from cloud investments Learn more


  • Expertise in environment setup – immutable infrastructure, virtualization, configuration and test data management
  • Hands on experience in delivering CI / CD across multiple projects
  • Strong capabilities around Microsoft stack and open source technologies
  • Deep expertise in building automation across DevOps cycle and process for release management
  • Strong BI / Analytics practice for real-time feedback and insights on IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), log management and event correlation

Security / Compliance

  • Integration of security best practices across SDLC
  • Conformance testing for HIPAA compliance - Authentication security, identity access management, access control, encryption and audit controls
  • Security assessment against specific application security criteria, such as those defined by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Security testing of cloud infrastructure, applications, APIs DB, OS, data in transit and data at rest
  • Automated and manual assessments of systems to identify potential security threats and misconfigurations

QA / Test Automation

  • Strong QA / test automation practice with best-in-class tools - QTP, Selenium and Rational Robot
  • Functional, integration, agile, Shift Left and globalization testing
  • Automation framework setup, script upgrades, ROI analysis, tool fitment analysis and selection
  • Compliance testing with industry standards (HIPAA, FDA, MU)
  • Conformance to interoperability standards – HL7, FHIR, CCD / CDA, DICOM, NCPDP, X12 etc.
  • Automation tools for medical imaging – MESA, DVTk, Mirth etc.
  • Cross-browser compatibility testing (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Cloud testing (infra, DB, app) – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

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Mobile Health

  • Large team of mobile architects, healthcare domain experts, etc.
  • Out-of-the-box accelerators (Pre-build mobile client features, mobile telemetry dashboard etc.)
  • Mobile design and development best practices across leading mobile platforms
  • Expertise across leading MBaaS, MDM and EMM solutions
  • Cloud-based mobile test lab to cater to a wide variety of carriers, manufacturers, models, operating systems
  • Deep expertise in device integration, device drivers, and interfaces with mobile devices