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  • AHIP Webinar | Building Disruptive Data & Analytics for Quality Improvement

    Oct 2020

    The webinar will cover key characteristics of high-performing payers and discuss the role of advanced analytics and data science while answering all key questions pertaining to the recent quality program changes affecting health plans.

  • Xtalks Webinar | Re-Envisioning Life Sciences through the FHIR® Gateway

    Oct 2020

    In this webinar we will have industry leading speakers who will share their thoughts on how FHIR will act as a primary catalyst for health data interoperability to drive evidence-based insights in life sciences.

  • HL7 Webinar | FHIR-up your EHRs and Health Apps

    Oct 2020

    During this webinar, leading industry experts will share their thoughts on the impact of ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule, changes in the implementation timelines, ONC 21st Century Cures Certification Program, next steps for Health IT vendors & EHRs to comply with interoperability and required mandates and why FHIR’s value goes beyond this certification.

  • HL7 Webinar | FHIR®: What's in it for healthcare providers?

    Sep 2020

    During this panel discussion leading healthcare providers and technology leaders will share their thoughts on how FHIR® adoption can make a fragmented healthcare system more integrated, interoperable, secure, and consistent.

  • HL7 Webinar | Accelerating FHIR® Adoption for Payers

    Sep 2020

    During this panel discussion industry experts will share their thoughts on the CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Rule, its implication on payers in the long-term and ways to accelerate FHIR® adoption to meet the timelines.

  • Leveraging RPA to Boost Operational Efficiency for Payer Organizations

    Sep 2020

    Join us as experts demonstrate how RPA can empower payers transform processes and drive efficiencies across key workflows. The webinar will help you get a better understanding of how you can build operational agility using RPA bots.

  • HL7 Webinar | Why CTOs Need Enhanced Imaging Workflows: Emerging Trends and New Interoperability Standards

    Aug 2020

    Join our webinar and explore new trends in medical imaging and the role emerging interoperability standards such as FHIR® and IHE play in adopting cloud and operationalizing AI / ML at scale.

  • AHIP Webinar | FHIR for HEDIS & Stars

    Jun 2020

    Learn how health plans can leverage FHIR to simplify data collection and boost revenue by enhancing their HEDIS Star ratings.

  • HL7 Webinar | Data Sharing in Spotilight: COVID Gaps, New Interop Rule & the Path Forward

    Apr 2020

    This webinar will re-examine CMS/ONC Interoperability Regulations in the context of the growing evidence of our failures to share data with public health

  • AHIP Webinar | Future Proof your HEDIS Strategy

    Feb 2020

    This webinar will highlight how NCQAs new initiative of publishing the HEDIS measure specifications to health plans a year in advance will impact their member engagement and provider outreach strategies.

  • DIA Webinar | State Drug Price Transparency Reporting

    Jan 2020

    In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges around data management and compliance of State Drug Price Transparency laws, and pragmatic approaches for manufacturers to effectively and efficiently manage the complex reporting process.