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  • Make the Most of Azure DevOps in Healthcare

    Dec 2018

    With Microsoft Azure DevOps, healthcare IT teams get a combination of processes, industry best practices and proven tools to make the most of their DevOps initiatives. The webinar discusses how organizations can leverage it to accelerate DevOps implementation.

  • Leveraging UDMH for Payers & Providers

    Dec 2018

    Our webinar will explore key Payer Provider needs and challenges, help in understanding the growing importance of data to drive value, and show how IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare (UDMH) can enable them to succeed in the business of care.

  • Comprehensive Quality Management - Part II: Process & Technology Tactics

    Nov 2018

    Our webinar will provide an overview of how Health Plans can accelerate HEDIS computations, improve quality scores, enhance provider engagement and close gaps-in-care.

  • Enabling Quality Management Beyond Reactive Hedis Regulatory Compliance

    Aug 2018

    Our webinar will cover how health plans can move to the level of best practices with regard to managing diverse clinical, non-clinical and other contractual quality measures.

  • Operationalizing Data Science Models in Healthcare

    Jun 2018

    As healthcare organizations are becoming more adept at developing models, the ability and required skills to manage, validate, and deploy those models efficiently remains a challenging task. This webinar will present an overview and history of this process, along with tools and techniques that can help your organization to more effectively operationalize models.

  • Delivering on the Promises of Clinically Integrated Networks and Accountable Care Organizations

    May 2018

    This webinar shares the secret sauce for ACOs and CINs to achieve financial viability, design more mature and lucrative risk-bearing contracts, boost network performance, close gaps-in-care, prove goal attainment and demonstrate strong value to providers, year after year.

  • Healthcare Organizations - Maximizing ROI from Azure Investments

    Feb 2018

    This webinar talks about the issues healthcare organizations typically face in their cloud journey, including HIPAA security, ROI, governance, lack of expertise, etc. It also presents some best practices on how to address these issues with Azure.

  • Apple’s New Health Records- Feature, Impact and Opportunity

    Feb 2018

    Apple recently announced a new feature with the iOS 11.3 beta that would allow users to access their medical records through their iPhones. These records will be available through participating hospitals using FHIR standards. This new feature potentially opens new opportunities for healthcare organizations to drive new use cases around patient engagement, clinical data exchange, care coordination and device integration. Listen to the webinar to know more.

  • Quality Improvement and HEDIS - Taking a Proactive Approach

    Jan 2018

    Health plans today need to enhance care quality and ensure compliance to regulatory needs such as NCQA HEDIS. They need to aggregate claims data, clinical data and supplemental data and calculate quality and performance metrics. This puts significant pressure on existing data aggregation and analytics processes, making it difficult for health plans to execute daily HEDIS compliance runs and get faster access to the latest information.