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  • Minting the Data Currency – Current Challenges and Potential Solutions for Pharma

    Dec 2017

    This webinar will highlight the opportunities to drive sustainable growth in the life sciences through technology and analytics-driven business innovation, some practical challenges which prevent realization of such potential approaches to addressing such challenges. These include the complexities associated with centrally managing the data assets across the enterprise, the intractability of data silos across the myriad functions within an organization, and more.

  • Accelerating Quality Scores with Daily / Near Real-time HEDIS Measure Processing

    Nov 2017

    Health plans today need to enhance care quality and ensure compliance to regulatory needs such as NCQA HEDIS. They need to aggregate claims data, clinical data and supplemental data and calculate quality and performance metrics. This puts significant pressure on existing data aggregation and analytics processes, making it difficult for health plans to execute daily HEDIS compliance runs and get faster access to the latest information.

  • CitiusTech AHIP Webinar: Leveraging Big Data Technology for Clinical Data Integration

    Sep 2017

    Payers are seeking ways to leverage clinical data from various sources to improve care quality and member experience. It is a significant challenge to combine new data sets with existing claims and operational data sets. The webinar will help you gain an understanding of the typical big data solution architecture for clinical data integration, as well as details around ingestion, processing and storage of typical structured (e.g. CCDA) and unstructured data (e.g. clinical notes)

  • Optimize your RWE investments through a platform based approach

    Sep 2017

    With the rise in drug development costs, focus on value-based pricing and surge in competition, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations are looking towards real-world evidence to prove the value of their medicinal products. However, it’s difficult to make sense of the real-world data as it is available in different formats, data standards, and data quality issues.
    September 19, 2017 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

  • MACRA Final Rule Made Simple

    Apr 2017

    The MACRA Final Rule will impact providers who accept Medicare Part B payments, bill Medicare more than $10,000/year and provide care for more than 100 Medicare patients a year. As the final rule comes into effect this year, the focus for providers shifts to value-based care. Listen to our webinar where our experts will give you an in-depth analysis of MIPS/ MACRA, provide a MIPS/ MACRA reporting strategy for 2017 and help you effectively focus on cost and resource utilization.

  • Clinical Quality Analytics in the Cloud

    Apr 2017

    Listen to the webinar to learn how CitiusTech can help you leverage CQ-IQ and its cloud-based CQM analytics capabilities to simplify clinical quality analytics with minimum IT investments. Learn how you can adapt to ever-evolving clinical quality initiatives such as MIPS/MACRA, MU, ACO, HEDIS, PQRS, etc.

  • Clinical Data Integration: Leading Practices

    Nov 2016

    Payers need to utilize claims and clinical data for informed decision-making. They face numerous challenges to achieve this goal in realm of technology, data, process and organization capabilities. This webinar will discuss leading practices for integrating claims and clinical data in areas of data ingestion, data management strategy, technology architecture, and supporting processes to facilitate free flow of information.

  • Clinical Quality Measurement in the Cloud

    Oct 2016

    How should payers manage clinical quality measures, and positively impact bottom-line? How can web-based technology help achieve payer’s quality measurement goals? This webinar aims to provide a compelling case for thinking about clinical quality measures more holistically, and present an architecture solution to achieve superior clinical quality measurement, including use of web-based technology

  • Demystifying MACRA

    Oct 2016

    The CMS MACRA Act of 2015 aims to change the way Medicare pays clinicians who provide care to Medicare beneficiaries. MACRA created a Quality Payment Program designed to streamline existing quality reporting programs and reward those who provide higher quality of care based on two different payment tracks. This webinar will provide attendees with a realistic strategy and performance improvement framework in order to be better prepared for this mandate and optimize outcomes.

  • Developing a Coordinated Business Model to Achieve Value-Based Care

    Jan 2016

    The webinar will provide a consolidated analytics-driven enterprise approach that will help organizations to enhance key stakeholder efficiencies within acute and ambulatory settings and meet their value-based care goals.