Innovation Framework

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CitiusTech Integrated Innovation Framework (CIIF)

At CitiusTech, we have developed a unique integrated innovation framework which enables us to leverage our capabilities to deliver exceptional value to our customers. The CitiusTech Integrated Innovation Framework (CIIF) helps combine healthcare platforms, specialized technology practices and technology services to design, build and implement enterprise software for our clients. It guides us in solving complex technology and business challenges, significantly lower costs and improve the quality of care.

CitiusTech has identified four strategic business focus areas—enterprise application development and validation, data integration and data management, clinical quality and performance management, mobile and patient engagement—that are critical to healthcare organizations today. CIIF provides proprietary recipes, artifacts, tools, and accelerators to help our clients accelerate innovation and business performance in these areas.



Application Development and Validation 

Amidst cost pressures, stringent regulatory and security requirements and continuously evolving technology landscape, healthcare organizations need best-in-class technology partners to design, develop, implement and maintain enterprise applications and products. CitiusTech, with its strong software engineering capabilities, supported by specialized practices and strong healthcare domain expertise, enables organizations to manage entire life cycle of healthcare applications and build enterprise-class solutions across a wide range of provider, payer and consumer use cases.  Key CIIF value add include:

  • Reference architecture based on best practices – for traditional and cloud-based solutions
  • Agile development practices and library of recipes for accelerated development
  • Strong QA and test automation practice supported by large healthcare test data sets and automation frameworks and tools
  • Robust security practice with state-of-the-art security testing tools and capabilities

Data Integration and Data Management

Data integration and data management are complex problems facing healthcare enterprises.  Organizations need to integrate and aggregate large and varied datasets (internal and external, structured and unstructured, standard and non-standard) from variety of source systems and leverage the information to drive business results. CitiusTech offers strong capabilities in executing an enterprise-wide data strategy, including:

  • Strong CitiusTech Interoperability practice and library of standards-based and source- specific adaptors
  • Deep understanding of enterprise integration strategy and EAI platforms
  • Large BI/DW practice with expertise in master data management, data quality and data governance framework
  • CitiusTech accelerators – H-Scale (big data), BI-Clinical (enterprise analytics) and CitiusTech healthcare data model 

Clinical Quality and Performance Management 

Healthcare organizations are increasingly focused on tracking clinical quality to enhance patient outcomes and comply with regulatory/ P4P programs. CitiusTech enables caregivers and administrators to effectively measure and improve clinical quality measures and deploy solutions to optimize patient outcomes and cost of care. Key CIIF capabilities include:

  • CitiusTech BI-Clinical platform - robust clinical rules engine, pre-built library of 700+ clinical quality measures, flexible self-authoring rules management module
  • Strong clinical informatics practice to help clients define key performance indicators - clinical, financial and contractual performance
  • CitiusTech Consulting practice with expertise in developing unified approach for caregivers and administrators to manage clinical quality and performance KPIs
  • CitiusTech Medictiv practice for analyzing large data sets and developing predictive algorithms

Mobile and Patient Engagement 

Effective patient engagement enables care givers to manage patients outside the provider setting - dramatically improving cost of care and patient satisfaction. However, organizations need an agile enterprise mobile strategy to leverage innovation in digital and mobile technology and achieve this competitive advantage. CitiusTech helps organizations define the right patient engagement strategy and establish an effective two-way communication channel between the enterprise and consumer world. Key CIIF capabilities include:

  • CitiusTech M-Verge platform for accelerating development of mobile healthcare platforms
  • CitiusTech Consulting practice with expertise in defining unified framework for patient engagement workflows and apps (web, mobile, consumer health and IoT devices)
  • CitiusTech Mobile practice with experience in designing and building patient mobile apps, integrated with enterprise applications
  • Experience in retrospective and predictive analysis and aligning results with patient engagement strategy, e.g. management of high-risk diabetic patients