TeamHealth's System Integration & Data Lake Implementation for QCDR

About the Customer

TeamHealth is a hospital staffing firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is one of the largest suppliers of healthcare professional staff in the United States. In 2014 it ranked 573 on the Fortune 1000.

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Business Challenge

TeamHealth needed to integrate two primary systems used for PQRS measure calculation and data submission. Additionally, TeamHealth needed to setup a data lake for future programs. The proposed solution had to be secure and scalable.

TeamHealth selected CitiusTech as a partner considering our proven expertise on AWS cloud platform, data warehouse and ETL platform implementation.

CitiusTech Solution

CitiusTech assembled a team of AWS cloud architects, data warehouse and healthcare experts. The team architected, designed, and developed a comprehensive data warehouse solution hosted on AWS cloud compliant with AWS’ Well-Architected Framework. CitiusTech team leveraged its clinical expertise and knowledge of PQRS measures for defining use cases and appropriate business workflows.

Solution Highlights:

  • Developed a configurable data extraction utility to move data from source systems to TeamHealth’s AWS cloud
  • Performed data extraction and stored data in data warehouse on AWS (to be pushed into the PQRS registry workflow)
  • Developed scalable AWS cloud-based platform to support data processing up to 10 million records/hour
  • Ensured data security by encrypting data at rest and in-transit
  • Leveraged only HIPAA compliant services of AWS
  • Configured the infrastructure to meet auto scaling requirements

Business Value Delivered

CitiusTech solution successfully reduced infrastructure cost by spawning the instances on demand. The solution supports processing up to 10 million records/hour. The system enhanced overall productivity by automating the entire batch processing task.