CitiusTech Security & Compliance Management Practice helps healthcare organizations safeguard their health care applications, architecture, deployments and PHI to meet the challenges of a changing technology environment. CitiusTech's security team of certified professionals bring strong expertise across security processes and best-in-class tools to benchmark security posture, identify vectors and assist in mitigation techniques.


Secure SDLC Advisory

  • Incorporate security into the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Ensure security best practices are integral to the development program and applied over SDLC

Application and Mobile Security Review

  • Security assessment against specific application security criteria, such as those defined by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Automated and manual testing

External Penetration Testing

  • Review of vulnerabilities exploited by external users / hackers
  • Simulate the role of an external attacker

Compliance Reviews

  • Conformance testing for regulatory and other compliances
  • Authentication, security, Identity & Access Management, Encryption, Audit Controls  

Cloud Security Review

  • Understand the Cloud deployment and identify the applicable security and compliance requirements
  • Security testing of Cloud infrastructure, applications, APIs, database, operating system, data in transit and data at rest

Configuration Review & Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Comprehensive review of security controls placed on a system
  • Automated and manual assessments of systems to identify potential security threats and misconfigurations