Easily build and manage complex measures including clinical, operational, financial & ad-hoc rules with BI-Clinical RMM™

As the industry transitions towards value-based care, there is an increasing focus on how organizations perform on quality. Regulatory requirements are overwhelming within themselves, but organizations also need to focus on operational and contractual performance to extend their quality strategy past single initiatives. 

This means organizations need to not only manage their quality rules well, but also do a good job at managing operational, contractual, even ad-hoc rules and alerts.

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BI-Clinical RMM, winner of Healthcare Informatic's 2019 Innovator Award for the best Value-Based Care solution, empowers healthcare organizations with the flexibility to build and manage complex quality measures including clinical, operational, financial and ad-hoc rules. 

RMM has 900+ pre-built KPIs (MIPS / MACRA, HEDIS®, PQRS) as well as custom quality measures to be able to build, edit and manage multiple rule types including – CQMs, alerts, cohorts and more. RMM has been adopted by several large health systems and leading Blue Cross Blue Shield plans to manage their quality initiatives, lower process turnaround time by up to 40% and improve efficiency by up to 60%. RMM is helping these organizations take back control of their quality and define their own roadmap to value in the drive towards value-based care.


Key Components

Rules library

  • 900+ pre-built, out-of-the box rules; edit them to suit your needs or build your own custom rules
  • Comprehensive data model supporting a rich library of clinical concepts

Release management

  • Track a rule configuration through deployment to easily identify issues and troubleshoot with the fastest rules engine in the industry
  • Monitor movement of rules across different development environments

Test library

  • Process rules in real-time for a single patient or batch to identify data or configuration issues
  • Manage comprehensive test scenarios and test data from a single place


  • Summary view of all measures developed and managed across different groups within the organization 
  • Configurable dashboard to track additional metric of importance


Key Benefits

Single source of truth
Centrally manage clinical data sets, value sets, conditions and rules and view information in a dynamic way
Complete automation of management of entire lifecycle of rules, through configuration, editing, testing, and deployment, via easy-to-use interface

Accuracy & Efficiency
Improve measure correctness significantly with better version control and an automated process that reduces manual errors


Create and reuse value sets, codes, conditions, rules, etc. – enabling faster and more accurate rule creation (<5 minutes to import / export value sets)

Additional Outputs
Extract more intelligence from a rule to operationalize additional workflows within the organization

Measure traceability
Get a consolidated view of change history, timestamps and associated users across all measures managed by your organization 



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BI-Clinical RMM for a Leading Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider

Learn how a leading healthcare technology organization leveraged BI-Clinical RMM to configure, audit and operationalize standard and custom rules centrally and drive BI/analytics successfully throuhgout the organization.