CitiusTech ‘s Performance Testing practice helps clients assess and improve performance capabilities for their applications and systems. Our highly skilled team of performance test engineers with a rich experience across various technology landscapes, work on unique business requirements to provide a comprehensive testing solution that enables clients to understand the key performance indicators and identify SLA’s for their healthcare applications and systems

CitiusTech Performance Testing: 360-Degree Performance

CitiusTech has comprehensive 360-degree coverage of performance testing to ensure that performance is taken into consideration at each stage. It can be integrated within sprints for every release and even for replicating and diagnosing production issues in the test environment.


Benefits of Performance Testing

Evaluate production readiness by:

  • Assessing performance of an application for production and resolve potential performance issues. This assessment is valuable for key stakeholders who make decisions about whether an application is ready for release or is scalable and adaptable to future requirements or requires performance improvement/ hardware upgrade prior to the release
  • Enabling clients to get insights on likelihood of user dissatisfaction around performance characteristics of the system
  • Predicting revenue losses or damaged brand credibility due to scalability or stability issues

Ensure performance improvement by: 

  • Measuring speed, scalability and stability of a product before production release, helping you to make informed decisions about tuning the system
  • Detecting and resolving performance bottlenecks in the application

Assess effectiveness of developed software performance by:

  • Benchmarking application’s current performance characteristics with business SLA’s
  • Validating application’s desired performance metrics before and after changes to the software

Evaluate infrastructure adequacy by: 

  • Assessing and validating current system capacity
  • Evaluating different system configurations to determine optimal configuration for the application and the business, considering budgeted resource utilization constraints
  • Assessing the scalability of the application’s infrastructure, as well as determining future resources required to deliver optimal and acceptable application performance