Next-gen technology solutions to transform imaging workflows, modernize, sustain legacy applications and address new business needs

Medical Imaging is one of the key areas in healthcare with studies estimating that imaging generates over 90% of all healthcare data today but more than 97% remains unused. Most imaging systems remain siloed from other healthcare systems and imaging data is rarely accessible from outside the radiology department in a fast, secure manner.

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This presents a huge challenge as we look to incorporate this data into next generational workflows to enhance patient experiences, diagnosis accuracy, physician productivity and cost of operations. CitiusTech focuses exclusively on healthcare, with Imaging companies becoming some of our largest clients over the course of 15 years. Our services for imaging have evolved based on historical challenges seen in the imaging domain and the feedback we receive from our Healthcare Imaging consultants working on innovative use cases worldwide.


Transforming Imaging Workflows with FHIR

CitiusTech’s FHIR-based Integrated Viewer solution enables radiologists to save valuable time by doing away with multiple system accesses. With a 360-degree view of patient information radiologists can make faster and smarter clinical decisions.

Key Services for Medical Imaging

  • Development of web-based zero footprint viewers, image collaboration apps, enterprise repositories, mobile apps and more
  • Console application development for Modalities CT, MR, USG
  • Imaging application modernization through cloud-ready microservices, DevOps CI/CD, containerization, and orchestration tools
  • Specialized development and SMEs around Mammography, Oncology and Cardiology workflows and applications
  • Integration of RIS/PACS/VNA systems leveraging DICOM, HL7, IHE profiles and customized mapping
  • State-of-the-art REST based protocols DICOMWeb and FHIR for granular, specific image acquisition and metadata analysis
  • Development of smart edge gateways to connect on-prem imaging devices to cloud and EHRs over secure channels
  • Development of cloud imaging platform with, universal and secure role-based access, to support mobile apps and analytics
  • Data migration, aggregation from multiple sources, with custom accelerators for de-identification and data quality 
  • Machine Learning algorithms for worklist prioritization, protocol management, radiation doses, disease progression, precision medicine etc.
  • NLP frameworks for voice assisted radiology workflows, patient imaging search, report summarization, critical findings etc.
  • Deep Learning frameworks for nodule detection, advanced diagnosis, smart annotation etc.
  • Operationalization and feedback loops for models in radiology settings, integration with MRI/CT/X-Ray workflows
  • Advanced visualizations and reporting dashboards, for Radiology departments, using Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos
  • Hospital implementation, configuration, and upgrades for imaging HIT devices - RIS/PACS/VNA systems and software
  • Sustenance for legacy applications and migration to modern tech stacks
  • Remote deployment and configuration for client products I.e. PACS, VNA, Viewers etc. from dedicated ODCs in Mumbai and Bangalore
  • Cybersecurity & vulnerability assessment of infrastructure and operational environment
    L1-L4 24x7 support services around incident, defect management

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