Drive your multi-cloud strategy cost effectively with our Integrated Cloud Suite

In today’s multi-cloud world, healthcare organizations need to leverage disparate cloud platforms, vendors and infrastructure. The complexity of hybrid or multi-cloud environments limits their ability to scale, implement uniform practices and generate the best possible outcomes in terms of performance, availability, utilization and returns on investment.

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CitiusTech’s Integrated Cloud Suite (ICS) is a one-stop solution that enables healthcare organizations to reduce complexity and drive a multi-cloud strategy cost-effectively. It offers a unified platform to manage all siloed cloud subscriptions across the enterprise, mitigating risks and impact on the business.


Key Solution Highlights:

  • Unified monitoring of all resources across the cloud spectrum
  • Ability to discover and act on cost optimization opportunities through integrated dashboard
  • Comprehensive cloud-agnostic monitoring and management across the technology stack
  • Simplified provisioning and management of cloud resources
  • Strong partner relationships with Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud


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