Scaling up Data De-identification Capabilities with Automation

Healthcare data is increasingly being generated, stored and exchanged in digital formats, as more and more healthcare devices connect to a variety of external data sources and ecosystems. The proliferation of cloud-based technologies and BYOD systems have further accelerated healthcare data sharing, making data privacy a key concern. Organizations need to follow a variety of Data De-identification strategies to meet the security requirements and separate Personally Identifiable Data (PII), from the Protected Health Information (PHI).

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However, manual data de-identification techniques are difficult to manage at scale, prone to errors, and need to keep up with changing regulations and compliance requirements across geographies. Most techniques either completely mask and redact key data - making the data less usable; or replace existing data fields with logical values - increasing the risk of re-identification.

A successful data de-identification strategy needs to effectively balance risk against utility. This ensures the privacy of the data is maintained, while also generating usable de-identified data for healthcare research or improvement purposes.


Smart De-identifier for Healthcare Data

CitiusTech’s Smart De-identifier is a microservice that enables fast and effective PHI anonymization, using multiple methodologies and industry best practices. It leverages an optimal mix of user-specific configurations & ML-based analytics, to make the overall de-identification process compliant to HIPAA, EMA, GDPR and HC regulations. 


Smart De-identifier is a one-stop solution designed to help healthcare organizations automate data de-identification, leveraging:

  • Easy-to-use UI for user-configurations and detailed reporting and analytics
  • Support for wide variety of structured and unstructured input data e.g. CSV, XLS, SAS, XPT, PDF, TXT etc.
  • Flexible de-identification techniques leveraging user-configurable suppression rate, privacy criteria, K-anonymity etc.
  • Automated effectiveness comparisons between multiple methodologies including Safe Harbor & Expert Determination
  • Embedded Intelligence models for PHI demarcation and risk re-identification
  • Advanced visualizations for granular insights across projects and datasets, enabling effective decision-making


Leverage Anonymized Data to Accelerate Healthcare Innovations

Smart De-identifier helps leading Healthcare Providers, Payers, Medical Technology companies and Pharma/CRO's fast-track their data de-identification capabilities :

  • Use anonymized data for healthcare product development and testing
  • Re-assess and anonymize historic data at scale, to comply with evolving regulatory requirements
  • Leverage insights from de-identified data for healthcare research and comparative effectiveness studies
  • Share anonymized data with partner ecosystem for clinical quality and operational improvements


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