Healthcare organizations today need to adopt agile and cost-effective cloud strategies that make optimal use of resources and help them quickly adapt to changing market needs. As an established AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, CitiusTech combines extensive healthcare domain knowledge with a deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem to help organizations build, optimize and manage their cloud environments.

CitiusTech is an Advanced Tier Consulting Partner to AWS, with a strong team of AWS Certified Developers and Architects to help organizations build robust, scalable and HIPAA compliant solutions that reduce complexity, optimize costs and drive their multi-cloud strategy. We have strong experience in building cloud-native applications as well as migrating large enterprise healthcare applications to the cloud. We have helped some of the world’s leading payers, providers and medical device companies design and implement their cloud strategies, and fully leverage the flexibility and efficiency of AWS

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Customer Success Stories

A Leading Healthcare Information Technology Company Migrates On-Premise Integration Engine to AWS Cloud

A leading healthcare information technology company had an existing operational integration engine deployed on-premise which could integrate and ingest data from multiple facilities for further storage and processing. However...



A Leading Hospital Staffing Firm Performs System Integration & Data Lake Implementation for QCDR

A leading hospital staffing firm needed to integrate two primary systems used for PQRS measure calculation and data submission. Additionally, they needed to setup a data lake for future...



Integrated Cloud Suite (ICS)

Drive your HIPAA compliance and operations strategy with our Integrated Cloud Suite

CitiusTech’s Integrated Cloud Suite (ICS) is a one-stop solution that enables healthcare organizations to reduce complexity and drive a multi-cloud strategy optimally and cost-effectively.




5 Ways to Win at HEDIS Compliance 

As the shift to value-based payment accelerates, successful healthcare organizations can take these five steps to build an enterprise-wide ...



Six Considerations for Adopting a Microservices Architecture 

Six Microservices Architecture Design considerations that help position organizations for success while complementing existing cloud and DevOps infrastructure ...


News & Press Release

CitiusTech Achieves AWS Healthcare Competency Status

The healthcare competency status reinforces CitiusTech’s ongoing commitment to building robust products and services on AWS to support healthcare organizations as they accelerate their cloud strategy for transforming their complex IT infrastructure


CitiusTech Wins the 2019 Innovators Award for the Best Value-Based Care Solution

BI-Clinical RMM has been awarded for its ability to empower healthcare organizations with the flexibility to build, edit and deploy complex quality measures. It also includes ...


CitiusTech and FluidEdge Consulting Launch Medicare Advantage Performance Suite (MA-PS) to Drive Medicare Advantage Business

Medicare Advantage Performance Suite (MA-PS) addresses healthcare interoperability, provider intimacy, and consumersim challenges facing Medicare Advantage plans ...


CitiusTech - AWS Team

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Head - Partnerships & Alliances







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