Building a Robust Telehealth Strategy

The Telehealth industry is at the cusp of a transformational shift that will revolutionize the way providers deliver healthcare services and engage with patients. Telehealth is now being adopted by healthcare organizations at scale, and is quickly becoming a key driver of improved patient outcomes, enhanced access to care and cost savings.

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Given the massive growth in telehealth adoption in recent times, it has become imperative for healthcare organizations to build a robust and sustainable telehealth infrastructure that integrates with existing clinical and operational workflows. CitiusTech’s Telehealth offering enables organizations to create a holistic telehealth strategy across the entire continuum of care:

  • Patient Engagement – triage and self-diagnosis chatbots, virtual care, patient reported outcomes, risk stratification etc. 
  • Care Co-ordination through remote patient monitoring, chronic disease management, adherence tracking, population health tracking etc. 
  • Embedded Intelligence by predicting adverse events, integration with IVR, virtual assistants, voice assistants etc.


Accelerate your Telehealth Strategy

Augment your telehealth products with advanced features such as virtual assistants, chatbots, predictive models, analytics dashboards, device & wearables connectivity to shorten time to market, improve provider engagement and drive better care outcomes.

COVID-19: Telehealth Impact and Adoption in the United States

  • CMS lifted restrictions on telehealth Medicare reimbursements allowing Medicare beneficiaries to receive in-home care. Services can be billed at same rate as an inpatient visit 
  • $500 million approved by Congress for expansion of telehealth services 
  • 49 states have waived requirements for granting of licenses to providers, allowing physicians to provide telehealth services to patients with established relationships
  • FDA has waived limitations on using digital health for treating psychiatric disorders
  • Face-to-face requirement for home dialysis visits has been waived
  • High deductible plans to provide telehealth services without counting them towards deductible


CitiusTech’s Telehealth Capabilities

  • Chatbots, voice-based assistants, virtual assistants for medication reminders, virtual triage, patient surveys etc.
  • Integrated voice response for surveys, alerts, educational content etc.
  • AR/VR services for patient & physician education 
  • Integration with home monitoring devices, wearables, Bluetooth enabled stethoscopes, smart pill dispensers etc.
  • mHealth apps, patient & provider engagement portals for gamification, goal tracking, adoption & adherence
  • IoMT based integration with medical devices
  • Remote device upgrades, Edge based computing 


  • Population risk stratification, predicting falls, readmissions, medications and therapy adherence tracking
  • Analytics driven intervention planning, real-time integration to nurse call centers 
  • 24x7 L1-L4 support 
  • Application & infrastructure health monitoring 
  • Compliance testing on industry standards (HIPAA, FDA, SOC) etc. 



Case Study

Cloud-Based Chatbot App for eHealth & Telemedicine

CitiusTech leveraged Microsoft Azure to develop intelligent chatbot application to enhance patient experience and automate care process.


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