Easily edit, build and manage regulatory, contractual and operational rules with Rules Management Module (BIC-RMM)

For population health programs to meet the evolving and diverse industry needs, organizations must have flexibility to meet regulatory, operational and contractual quality requirements. To achieve their goals, they need a more agile and flexible approach to building and managing measures.

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BIC-RMM is the industry’s first-of-its-kind comprehensive solution for enterprise rules management. BIC-RMM provides an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself interface that empowers business users to configure, audit and operationalize quality measures, cohorts, clinical alerts and other rules without any dependency on IT.

With BIC-RMM, organizations can bend the rules and drive their enterprise BI / analytics strategy more effectively.


Cover It All with Rules Management Module

RMM offers everyday users the power to configure and customize quality measures, alerts and more. RMM leverages BI-Clinical’s powerful Rules Engine to configure and deploy an extensive set of custom measures and KPIs.

Central, Configurable and Auditable

  • Centrally manage clinical data sets, value sets, conditions and rules and view information in a dynamic way.
  • View all change history, timestamps and associated users, offering complete auditability.
  • Better trace and track stages of measures – for e.g. under review, testing, deployed.

Rules Library with Customizable Measures

  • Maintain standard library of building blocks – value sets, conditions, etc.
  • Create multiple rule types – CQMs, alerts, cohorts, bundles.
  • Configure and customize with ease as per your unique business requirements.

Easy Rule Building and Editing

  • Save ~40% of time and cost in configuring complex measures with self-service rule creation.
  • Leverage ready condition templates to create / edit new conditions.
  • Improve process and efficiency for quality measure management by 60%.

Measure Correctness

  • Ensure the latest and most accurate measures have been consistently deployed.
  • Maintain single/unique version of measure specifications belonging to all the initiatives.
  • Leverage intuitive UI, dropdowns to select values and field-level validations to prevent manual errors.

Faster Import / Export of Value Sets and Rules

  • Enable import / export of value sets within 2-3 minutes as compared to 1-2 days spent previously.
  • Import / export whole rules and make the deployment easy and fast.
  • Simplify test management with quicker movement of data for various testing like functional, integration, etc.

Data Quality Assessment

  • Do a complete analysis of your data quality on various parameters - accuracy, completeness, consistency, etc.
  • Ensure data aggregated from multiple sources to calculate measures is accurate and high quality.
  • Meet your core data needs, achieve data excellence and build right analytics with the right kind of data.


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BIC-RMM for a Leading HIT Solutions Provider

Leveraging RMM to configure, audit and operationalize standard and custom rules centrally and drive BI/analytics successfully.