FHIR®-up your EHRs and Health Apps | Get ONC Certified

Accelerate FHIR® deployment and get ONC Certified with CitiusTech's FAST+, a ready to deploy end-to-end FHIR® implementation and ONC Certification solution for EHRs and Health Applications.

FHIR®-up your EHRs and Health Applications!

21st Century Cures Act was a landmark legislation impacting drugs, devices, Health IT, and interoperability processes in US healthcare, on similar levels as the HITECH Act. ONC has now codified all the Act’s requirements, as applicable to Electronic Health Records and other Health IT products, as a new Cures Update to its 2015 Edition certification program.

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Impact on EHRs and Health IT

  • Development overhead for new FHIR® module, EHI export module and upgradation of patient datasets to USCDI v1 
  • Increased ONC oversight of real-world testing and reporting of EHR functionality, and additional EHR reporting criteria needs to be notified in future rulemaking
  • Overview existing contracts and workflows to ensure no information blocking occurs
  • Increased operational overhead of record retention for 10 years, trainings, real-world test plan design, and submissions
  • Increased risk of decertification due to information blocking, or non-compliance with other maintenance of certification criterion


Enforcement discretion due to COVID-19 extends these timelines by 3 months and the date for Real World Testing plans and Communication CoC extends up to Mar 2021


CitiusTech Solutions: Accelerate your FHIR® Strategy

The ONCs Cures Act Final Rule aims to drive the US healthcare system towards greater interoperability


  • CitiusTech’s FAST+ FHIR Platform supports the infrastructure and APIs requirements from 21st Century Cures Act and is readily deployable
  • EHR vendors can leverage the FAST+ platform as a supporting platform to help their EHRs get certified to the ONC Cures edition without additional costs and development efforts

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  • CitiusTech’s ONC/CMS Consultants are well versed in ONC certifications for several clients, across MU1, MU2 and MIPS, and have a thorough understanding of all new module requirements
  • Robust regulatory guidance and consulting SMEs from CitiusTech, to assist in end-to-end certification, save EHR vendor’s resources
  • CitiusTech consulting also helps EHR vendors stay abreast of version upgrades and new ONC rulemaking
  • EHR certification modules and database development, QA and testing
  • EHR interfaces development and monitoring for Public health reporting, HIE
  • Quality reporting enablement for MIPS, ACO etc. leveraging
  • Patient engagement, education apps development on iOS/Android
  • L1-L4 support for EHRs, incident and defect management, legacy code maintenance



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