FHIR: A game changer for Healthcare Interoperability

Interoperability has been a part of the industry discourse for over a decade now. Emerging market dynamics like payer provider convergence, quality performance and member engagement have put the spotlight on interoperability, and the FHIR standard. Furthermore the current pandemic has highlighted our growing failures to share data.

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Payers today collate their member’s clinical, claims & utilization data across all clinical settings and diverse standards through multiple siloed sources. With the amount of data around each member’s health growing exponentially, the definition of interoperability is changing. Payers now need to retrieve the longitudinal health information for a member from multiple sources in real-time. The FHIR infrastructure can make data sharing possible like never before and is being increasingly adopted by payers for regulatory compliance and advanced interoperability practices. With RESTful architecture and a flexible structure for seamless data exchange, FHIR is leading the way to digital transformation.


CitiusTech’s FAST+ solution enables payers to lay a foundation by complying to CMS’ new interoperability rule and supporting them achieve transformational change in their FHIR adoption journey.


  • Pre-built FHIR server and readily consumable APIs
  • Secured access to patient & provider directory APIs via IAM and consent mgmt.
  • Pre-built data transformation layer for FHIR resource mapping
  • Existing data pipeline for payer to payer clinical data ingestion, quality and reconciliation
  • Reusable healthcare data model for clinical, claim and operational domain
  • Reusable FHIR profiles as per leading industry standards (Carin, Alliance Blue Button 2.0, Da Vinci)
  • Comprehensive set of artifacts including FHIR resource profiles, implementation guidelines, etc.
  • Prebuilt SMART on FHIR app library for consumer engagement


  • Consulting services to assist payers in their FHIR adoption roadmap
  • Sustenance Engineering services post implementation of FHIR modules
  • Cloud platform services for FHIR implementation and deployment (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • In-house training programs for FHIR capability development



CitiusTech’s FHIR adoption framework enables payers to start their next-gen interoperability journey to be compliant to CMS’ Interoperability Patient Access Final Rule while scaling up their existing FHIR capabilities across the payer organization.


®FHIR is a registered trademark of Health Level Seven International, registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.