Payers on FHIR®: Opportunities to Advance Value-Based Care

Healthcare industry’s shift to value-based care and the increasing regulation are key drivers of interoperability today. Business and technology leaders from payer and payvider organizations need to transform their technology to support a value-based care model using FHIR® as a catalyst.

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About the Speakers


Aneesh Chopra
President, CareJourney
Former Chief Technology Officer
of the United States


Wayne Kubick
Chief Technology Officer,
HL7 International


Swanand Prabhutendolkar
Sr. Vice President for
Data Management, CitiusTech



Key Learnings

  • Understand different opportunities to accelerate the shift to value-based care  
  • Understand how payers can advance the shift to value-based care model with the development and deployment of interoperable solutions
  • Strategies to spread interoperability using FHIR®
    • FHIR® Connecting Enterprise Wide Healthcare Data
    • FHIR® for Consumer and Provider Engagement
    • FHIR® for Payer to Payer Care Coordination 
    • FHIR® with Data Science

Join us and learn from our speakers how HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR®) can enable payers to see the right data at the right time to positively impact these outcomes, and act as a catalyst for seamless data exchange.


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