Data Sharing in the Spotlight: COVID Gaps, New Interop Rule & the Path Forward

This webinar re-examined CMS & ONC's Interoperability Regulations in the context of the growing evidence of our failures to share data with public health. We explored how the FHIR® infrastructure envisioned in the regulations would open up more data to public health, research and provider networks.

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About the Speakers


Aneesh Chopra
President, CareJourney
& Former Chief Technology Officer
of the United States


Wayne Kubick
Chief Technology Officer,
HL7 International


Swanand Prabhutendolkar
Sr. Vice President of
Data Management, CitiusTech



Key Learnings

  • Learn how FHIR® based data exchange can help in improving patient health, especially in situations like the current pandemic
  • Understand key regulatory updates and timelines
  • Define a roadmap for health IT adoption
  • Analyse potential use cases, including COVID-19 use cases, to make patient data more useful and transferable
  • FHIR® Implementation for healthcare organizations to be compliant with the new rule

Learn from our speakers how healthcare organizations can address the complex data-sharing challenges and the best way forward for adopting and implementing this new rule using FHIR standard. 


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