Healthcare Interop & Quality Monitoring platform for monitoring real-time data quality at the source

Healthcare enterprises are faced with increased challenges in terms of data sharing and information blocking regulations increasing focus on interoperability. However, there are several challenges facing interoperability systems today which include data monitoring and data quality challenges.

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Bad data is an industry-wide problem. In most cases you realize that your data is bad after you have ingested it. Cleaning it up can cost organizations millions of dollars. What if you could catch all these data quality issues before they are ingested? H-IQM catches data quality issues at sources, monitors your interfaces, even throttles bad incoming data using its pre-built data quality rules. Want more? We even have 1500+ pre-built data quality rules that will significantly reduce your time to market.  

CitiusTech’s H-IQM (Healthcare Interop Quality Monitor) offers a end-to-end solution for healthcare players to resolve data quality issues in their ecosystems while reducing time and efforts in interface monitoring & customizations. H-IQM solves one of the key challenges of healthcare interoperability today-data quality and monitoring through seamless integration with existing systems, prebuilt KPIs and integrated dashboards.

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Key Benefits:

  • Data Quality Rules Engine with a library 1,500+ pre-built data quality and monitoring rules and provision to create custom data quality rules
  • Tight integration with interface engines (incl. Mirth, Cloverleaf) and standard healthcare data feeds (HL7, FHIR, CSV, EDI etc.) 
  • GUI based guided decision making and interface engine agnostic actionable dashboards 
  • Real-time data quality tracking (incl. quality trends and recommendations ) & source traceback
  • Cloud-hosted solution with minimal on-premise footprint – for easy and cost effective deployment