Healthcare Clinical Data Pipeline for modular, scalable and self-managed solution  for acquiring and parsing healthcare data 

Healthcare organizations today need to effectively aggregate healthcare data from diverse source systems to create longitudinal patient records and better quantify performance. However, they face multiple data challenge around data ingestion and processing, due to large volumes of data received from varied sources systems in multiple formats

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To overcome these challenges and to make integration of clinical data scalable and future-proof, healthcare organizations need a robust and scalable data acquisition solution that also drives downstream use cases.

CitiusTech's H-CDP (Clinical Data Pipeline), is a state-of-the art solution that enables healthcare organizations to acquire, parse, validate and persist structured / semi-structured healthcare data. The solution includes specialized modules for data parsing, data quality, data standardization, MPI, storage and ETL. With H-CDP, healthcare IT and anlaytics teams can not just ingest and process clinical data, but also to consume it in standardized formats. 


Key Solution Highlights:

  • Reusable parser framework to streamline clinical data ingestion and processing across formats such as CCDA, HL7 and FHIR
  • Apache Spark based scalable engine to meet the speed of business
  • Simple ‘Pipeline builder’  functionality to create your own pipeline using pre-built components - parsers, data quality, standardization,  transformation, reconciliation and storage
  • Modular, scalable and self- managed components for data lineage and data lifecycle  management