Automated DevOps

Over the last decade, healthcare application delivery has shifted from large scale, project-based system implementation and follow-on maintenance to a continuous evolution of applications. Automated DevOps, a key trend in software engineering, makes this shift possible by bringing business, development and operations teams together to streamline IT and automate processes. 

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CitiusTech DevOps practice is involved in environment setup, infrastructure automation, release management, continuous integration / continuous delivery for an integrated set up of DevOps for large healthcare ISVs. 

Our key offerings include:

  • DevOps Consulting Services
  • DevOps Solutions


  • Readiness Assessment – DevOps, Cloud
  • DevOps strategy for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
  • Cloud Native Transformation Strategy 
  • Release Management & Orchestration Strategy

DevOps Consulting Services help accelerate healthcare organizations’ DevOps journey. CitiusTech leverages CALMS based assessment model, for DevOps cultural integration and tooling workflows, that enable client’s push towards automated CI/CD, containerization, infrastructure as code etc.

  • Release management & Continuous Delivery
  • Cloud-Native DevOps with Kubernetes & Serverless
  • Continuous Performance & Security with PerfOps & SecOps
  • Improve quality & reduce cycle time of data with DataOps & MLOps
  • Observability, Intelligence & Feedback Optimization with SRE practices

CitiusTech DevOps Solutions offers faster collaboration, improve release cycles, visibility & analytics





CitiusTech DevOps Platform: Core Resource Dashboard for Engineering (CRDe)

Most healthcare organizations have to deal with complex IT ecosystems, including both modern and legacy applications, making it difficult in managing performance, security, and scalability across the technology landscape. CitiusTech's Core Resource Dashboard for Engineering is a cost-effective, centralized solution to meet all core metric definition and monitoring requirements. CRDe enables project teams to monitor key metrics spread across application, infrastructure, networks etc. in real time and invoke custom alerts/tasks in case any metric threshold is breached.


  • Cost effective solution for tracking basic and pre-requites metrics
  • Flexible Deployment  on the cloud or on-premise
  • Independent platform with no changes required in existing CI/CD pipeline
  • Proven and validated metrics across Performance, Security, Release Management use cases
  • Logs on dashboard to easily introspect error, exceptions with notification mechanisms


CitiusTech: Advanced DevOps Framework (ADF)

CitiusTech’s Advanced DevOps Framework (ADF) is a Kubernetes based CI/CD platform that automates entire application deployment life cycle with infrastructure provisioning, automated CI/CD, automated test cases execution along with real time monitoring. It provides better visibility into each stage of deployment lifecycle, increases productivity by reducing tedious repetitive tasks and thus ensures low time-to-market for new features.



  • Scale up CI/CD with Kubernetes
  • Pluggable solution to work with applications developed using legacy & newer tech stack
  • Automated test case execution and test report generation 
  • Script-less configuration
  • Real-time monitoring for application, infrastructure, network related insights


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