Automated DevOps 

Over the last decade, healthcare application delivery has shifted from large scale, project-based system implementation and follow-on maintenance to a continuous evolution of applications. Automated DevOps, a key trend in software engineering, makes this shift possible by bringing business, development and operations teams together to streamline IT and automate processes.

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CitiusTech DevOps practice provides end-to-end solutions and support to accelerate your enterprise transformation journey, no matter the stage you are in. It has a rich experience of creating state-of-the-art architectures for DevOps, across diverse projects and applications for leading healthcare organizations and ISVs. The DevOps practice leads environment setup, infrastructure automation, release management,  and continuous integration/continuous delivery for an integrated DevOps experience.

CitiusTech DevOps Practice: Enabling Enterprise DevOps Automation

DevOps Consulting & Automation Services

Our DevOps consulting services creates synergy between different teams and develops Centers-of-Innovation that achieve higher levels of communication, collaboration, and alignment with enhanced problem-solving. It covers the entire DevOps lifecycle, with Advisory, Implementation and Management support, including:

  • Enterprise DevOps Transformation Assessment and Strategy
  • Microservices and Serverless Computing Strategy (using Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Deployment Strategy for On-Premise, Public or Hybrid Cloud 
  • Monitoring and Infrastructure Management with AIOps Capabilities
  • DevOps Automation Strategy & Infrastructure Automation Solutions 
  • Infrastructure Security & DevOps Testing Solutions 

CitiusTech also provides Managed Services to ensure rapid DevOps adoption with minimal risk:

  • Experienced Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) to support cloud, containers, and automation of toolchains and processes 
  • Continuous Pipeline Engineers (CPE) to support development, testing, release, and deployment toolchains and processes 
  • Force-multiplier team for process and platform maturity, removing constraints and enabling peak IT performance 


Specialized DevOps Services

DevSecOps Offerings

Automate security provisions into DevOps processes by incorporating event logging, monitoring, configurations and patch management, user/privilege management, and vulnerability assessments

  • Automated tracking of application-level security metrics 
  • Scanning of security and vulnerability issues
  • Drafting of incident response plan 
  • Insights for threat intelligence program    

MLOps Offerings 

Synergize DevOps & Machine Learning to deliver and deploy efficient business operations and accelerate software delivery processes

  • Automated model deployment and operationalization 
  • Monitoring and tracking of ML metrics
  • Deep expertise in using MLFlow, KubeFlow

CloudOps Offerings

Accelerate cloud adoption across multiple cloud providers, automation tools and services

  • Cloud adoption strategy 
  • Cloud architecture & engineering
  • Cloud infrastructure and service pilots
  • Manage cloud services with focus on zero-downtime
  • On-demand provisioning & cost optimization 
  • Expertise in leveraging Kubernetes for CloudOps

DataOps Offerings 

Transition from data creation and management to that of a data consumer, reducing complexity and unlocking competitive advantages

  • Master data management  
  • Data curation and governance   
  • Data masking and data de-identification 


CitiusTech DevOps Platforms: Accelerators for DevOps Automation

Core Resource Dashboard for Engineering (CRDe)

CitiusTech's Core Resource Dashboard for Engineering is a cost-effective, centralized solution to meet all core metric definition and monitoring requirements. CRDe enables project teams to monitor key metrics spread across application, infrastructure, networks etc. in real time and invoke custom alerts/tasks in case any metric threshold is breached.

  • Cost effective solution for tracking basic and prerequisite metrics

  • Flexible Deployment deployed on the cloud or on-premise

  • Independent platform with no changes required in existing CI/CD pipeline

  • Proven and validated metrics across Performance, Security, and Release Management use cases

  • Logs on dashboard to easily introspect errors and exceptions with notification mechanisms


CitiusTech: Advanced DevOps Framework (ADF)

CitiusTech’s Advanced DevOps Framework (ADF) is a Kubernetes based CI/CD platform that automates the entire application deployment life cycle with infrastructure provisioning, automated CI/CD, automated test cases execution along with real-time monitoring

  • Scale up CI/CD with Kubernetes

  • Pluggable solution to work with applications developed using legacy & newer tech stack

  • Automated test case execution and test report generation

  • Script-less configuration

  • Real-time monitoring for application, infrastructure, and network related insights


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Make the Most of Azure DevOps in Healthcare

With Microsoft Azure DevOps, healthcare IT teams get a combination of processes, industry best practices and proven tools to make the most of their DevOps initiatives. The webinar discusses how organizations can leverage it to accelerate DevOps implementation


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