Prithu George, Vice President - Consulting

Eryne Feggins

Executive - Administration

Q: What brings you to work every day?

Eryne: I love my job and I know people count on me :).

Q: Why do you think CitiusTech is a great place to work with?

Eryne: The 'family' at CitiusTech is truly dedicated to teamwork. This sole principal guarantees success.

Q: Given a chance, with whom will you swap your job and why?

Eryne: I would not give up my job for anything. I work with all departments, all levels of management, vendors and contractors. This diversity keeps me busy and I learn something new every day. It may sound clichéd , but I really love my job.

Q: Something about you that most people don't know?

Eryne: I am painfully shy. I have learned to laugh through it, but it is hard for me to be in a spotlight. I prefer working 'backstage'.

Q: One piece of advice , you wish someone would have given you 5 years ago...

Eryne: Listen to your dentist :).

Q: One thing you can’t help splurging on?

Eryne: Handbags! All different shapes, sizes, colors and brands :D.