CitiusTech BI Team on May 22, 2013

    Written by Dennis Swarup for Group Practice Journal (source)
    To many in healthcare, the term "patient-centered care" is a fairly recent buzzword describing the industry's transformation to collaborative systems where patients and their families partner with practitioners to reduce costs and achieve better healthcare outcomes. But for other organizations, such as Holzer Health Systems, it has been at the heart of their mission for decades: "The patient is at the center of all we do." reads a mid-20th Century quote from Charles E. Holzer, Jr., son of the organization's founder.
    But how do we measure and evaluate mission success? In the past, Holzer relied on manual processes for aggregating patient data, calculating quality measures and generating reports - usually put off until "crunch time". By adopting flexible business intelligence and analytics tools, Holzer now has a source of actionable clinical intelligence that facilitates report compliance and impacts quality outcomes and earned incentive-based revenue...
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