Rules Management Module (RMM)

Bend the Rules with RMM

Introducing the first and only Rules Management Module to easily edit, build and manage regulatory, contractual and operational rules

For population health programs to meet the evolving and diverse industry needs, organizations must have flexibility to meet regulatory, operational and contractual quality requirements. To achieve their goals, they need a more agile and flexible approach to building and managing measures.

"RMM transformed our entire measure management process and helped us achieve substantial cost and time savings."

"RMM’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create rules and gave us freedom from the previously burdensome excel process."

Leading HIT Solution Provider

RMM is the industry’s first-of-its-kind comprehensive solution for enterprise rules management. RMM provides an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself interface that empowers business users to configure, audit and operationalize quality measures, cohorts, clinical alerts and other rules without any dependency on IT.

With RMM, organizations can bend the rules and drive their enterprise BI/ analytics strategy more effectively.

Ready to Bend the Rules ?

  • 30%

    time and
    cost saved

  • 60%

    improvement in process & efficiency

  • 2-3 min.

    to import / export value sets

  • Rules Library

    of standard, configurable rules

  • Measure Correctness

    with reduced manual errors

Cover It All with Rules Management Module

RMM offers everyday users the power to configure and customize quality measures, alerts and more. RMM leverages BI-Clinical’s powerful Rules Engine to configure and deploy an extensive set of custom measures and KPIs.

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Central, Configurable and Auditable
  • Centrally manage clinical data sets, value sets, conditions and rules and view information in a dynamic way.
  • View all change history, timestamps and associated users, offering complete auditability.
  • Better trace and track stages of measures – for e.g. under review, testing, deployed.
Rules Library with Customizable Measures
  • Maintain standard library of building blocks – value sets, conditions, etc.
  • Create multiple rule types – CQMs, alerts, cohorts, bundles.
  • Configure and customize with ease as per your unique business requirements.
Easy Rule Building and Editing
  • Save ~30% of time and cost in configuring complex measures with self-service rule creation.
  • Leverage ready condition templates to create / edit new conditions.
  • Improve process and efficiency for quality measure management by 60%.
Measure Correctness
  • Ensure the latest and most accurate measures have been consistently deployed.
  • Maintain single/unique version of measure specifications belonging to all the initiatives.
  • Leverage intuitive UI, dropdowns to select values and field-level validations to prevent manual errors.
Faster Import / Export of Value Sets and Rules
  • Enable import / export of value sets within 2-3 minutes as compared to 1-2 days spent previously.
  • Import / export whole rules and make the deployment easy and fast.
  • Simplify test management with quicker movement of data for various testing like functional, integration, etc.
  • See how rules are processing and what data is wrong or missing.
Data Quality Assessment
  • Do a complete analysis of your data quality on various parameters - accuracy, completeness, consistency, etc.
  • Ensure data aggregated from multiple sources to calculate measures is accurate and high quality.
  • Meet your core data needs, achieve data excellence and build right analytics with the right kind of data.