Join CitiusTech and become a part of the healthcare IT revolution

CitiusTech has a strong vision and values statement that is based on our responsibility towards global healthcare. We believe that to be a globally reputed healthcare technology organization, we need to provide our clients with distinctive, lasting and superior solutions and services. According to the survey conducted by The Great Place to Work Institute, our employees have consistently ranked us as the “Best Company To Work For” 9 years in a row. We continue our resolve to accelerate innovation in healthcare and build lasting relationships with our clients and employees.

  • The CitiusTech ‘Market Innovation Team’ (MIT) is responsible for fostering and accelerating innovation at CitiusTech
  • Each business line has a coordinator who guides the MIT initiatives. These initiatives called ‘stories’ range from solving key technology challenges for clients to understanding and evaluating upcoming technology
  • The team develops assets in the form of prototypes, labs, recipes, accelerators, CPDs, training courses, templates, etc. This is a highly collaborative initiative where employees come together to work on cutting-edge technology
  • CitiusTech is focused on enhancing health, safety and security across the organization as part of its CitiusTech Health and Safety (H and S) Initiative.
  • Employee security is of paramount importance to us and one of our initiatives in this regard is our tie-up with Connect & Heal. Additionally, we have extended Connect & Heal benefits to family members of the employee, ensuring their peace of mind.
  • CitiusTech also provides a host of benefits including hospital tie-ups, insurance coverage, GPS facility in transport vehicles, health awareness sessions and the Back to Work (B2W) program
  • CitiusTech has a strong vision and values statement that is based on our responsibility towards global healthcare
  • Employees are reinforced with the understanding that our work impacts human life
  • Our CEO conducts a vision and values session for new recruits providing a sense of belonging to the employees. It is exciting for an employee to see how they play an integral role in an organization's vision when they begin their journey at CitiusTech. Click on this link to learn more
  • Team-building activities are organized for various projects in which employees have the opportunity to bond with their peers
  • Managers reward employees who have demonstrated outstanding work within the team with personalized certificates and gift vouchers
  • As part of the ElectriCT initiative, employees win cash awards for demonstrating exceptional initiative and spark in successfully driving an internal CitiusTech initiative

CitiusTech’s knowledge repository is known as ‘UniverCT’. It is an open forum for employees to contribute resources and includes three key sections:

  • Healthcare: It provides resources to improve understanding of the factors that impact the industry and the role technology plays in these areas.
  • Technology: This section offers latest technological innovations and tools to employees. The goal is to ensure CTzens are always updated on technology trends and gain execution capabilities.
  • Leadership: CTzens are provided extensive literature to help them improve the efficiency of projects and address team, project or client management challenges