Join CitiusTech and become a part of the healthcare IT revolution

At CitiusTech, we believe our success is intertwined with yours. We provide our incredibly skilled workforce the right opportunities to accelerate their career growth. Our employees are encouraged to explore beyond the routine and participate in various activities at CitiusTech, thus grooming them into well-rounded individuals. CitiusTech’s non-hierarchical work environment is responsible for creating a positive work culture which enables sharing of ideas across the organization.

Learn more about the various initiatives at CitiusTech and meet people with great imagination and the right attitude – people who make CitiusTech one of the best places to work.

Corporate and Cultural Activities

Every CTzen at CitiusTech is vital to the success of the organization. Our various initiatives reinforce our 360-degree approach towards employees. CitiusTech also encourages CTzens across the globe to participate in cultural activities that celebrate diversity at the organization.

Sports and CSR Activities

Our CTzens eagerly participate in corporate football and cricket tournaments, and visit our recreational rooms to sharpen their skills. On the CSR front, a dedicated team undertakes various initiatives which include supporting child education and organizing sports events for underprivileged children.

Specialized Domain Knowledge and Global Opportunities

Healthcare technology professionals leverage the unique opportunity at CitiusTech, to deep build deep domain knowledge – across healthcare standards, applications, workflows and regulations. With a growing emphasis on healthcare reforms, the expertise of HIT professionals sees a great demand worldwide.

New Technologies and Differentiated Skills

As healthcare IT (HIT) is a relatively new field and increasingly leverages latest technologies including mobile, cloud computing etc., the potential to build differentiated skills and opportunity for career growth is immense.