Medictiv: Healthcare Predictive Analytics


Predictive analytics is rapidly gaining ground as a powerful tool to gain deeper insights from diverse healthcare data sources, including EHR, claims, medical devices, lab, pharmacy, and new data sources like consumer apps, genomics, etc. Predictive analytics models give healthcare organizations - providers, payers and life sciences companies - an opportunity to generate valuable insights to design population care programs, reduce readmissions, make early clinical interventions, and move towards greater evidence-based medicine.

Effective predictive analytics requires highly specialized teams with specialized capabilities, including software development, data integration, BI/DWH skills, data science, predictive modeling. Managing such niche, highly-specialized teams is challenging and expensive for most organizations. In addition, organizations need to invest in new technologies and tools for statistical analysis, predictive modelling, data warehousing, and data quality management.

Medictiv: An Analytics Service

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CitiusTech’s Medictiv is an end-to-end suite of analytics services designed to assist health systems, payers, ACOs, and life science companies with leveraging their data assets and deriving actionable insights using statistical mining, predictive modeling and optimization techniques. Making use of the solution, healthcare organizations can leverage:

Expertise: The teams have a strong understanding of healthcare data and data integration – across structured and unstructured healthcare information

Knowledge Base: Medictiv’s data analytics team, including data scientists and clinical informatics professionals, have a deep understanding of healthcare data mining and predictive techniques

Technology: Medictiv’s out-of-the-box accelerators for predictive analytics (e.g., readmissions, length of stay, denials, etc.)

With a flexible pricing approach, Medictiv enables our healthcare clients to leverage the solutions capabilities in an affordable manner and ensure true ROI for their investments.

Key Focus Area

Predictive Analytics Focus, Medictiv, Target Market Analysis, Biomarker Discovery, Member Retention

Medictiv can be leveraged across the healthcare spectrum to solve a variety of use cases for:

Providers: Reduce cost and improve quality of patient outcome by predicting readmissions, high LOS, disease progressions, patient outcomes and denial management etc.

Health Plans: Fraud detection, member retention, provider comparison, target market analysis, disease management etc.

Life sciences: Disease modeling, biomarker discovery, clinical trial effectiveness and planning, wellness program management, customer segmentation etc.

Key Predictive Modeling Capabilities

Medictiv, CitiusTech, Logistic Regression, Fuzzy Logic, Hidden Markov Models, Affinity Analysis

As part of the Medictiv's suite of services, CitiusTech offers a wide variety of techniques and algorithms, including:

Classification techniques such as Logistic Regression, Naïve Bayes, Neural Nets, Classification trees, Random Forests and Support Vector Machine (SVM)

Prediction techniques like MLR, K-nearest neighbor, Regression Trees, Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks

Segmentation and clustering such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation, Hierarchical Clustering, Canopy Clustering , Spectral Clustering and K-means clustering

Affinity analysis and association rules such as Recommendation Learning and Collaborative Filtering

Applied probability modeling techniques such as Hidden Markov Models and Waiting Line Models 

Medictiv: Healthcare Predictive Analytics Demo

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A comprehensive suite of predictive analytics solution to enable organizations to leverage their data assets and derive actionable insights.

  • About Medictiv

    The end-to-end suite of predictive analytics tools and services helps healthcare organizations leverage their data assets and derive actionable insights using statistical mining, predictive modeling and optimization techniques.

    The platform enables covered entities and business associates to process, maintain and store protected health information ensuring adherence to key security considerations for healthcare data and systems including HIPAA, MU, others.

  • Key Success Stories

    Medictiv provides the healthcare organizations with a variety of solutions for readmissions management, fraud detection, member retention, clinical trials effectiveness and planning, etc.

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