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Reporting on clinical quality measures (CQM) is becoming a core requirement for the new value-based payment models. Organizations will now need to keep track of a fast-changing universe of clinical quality measures, leading to new technical complexities and higher IT spends. Healthcare organizations today require a quick and cost-effective approach for clinical quality measure computation, certification, reporting and management.

CQ-IQ is a cloud-hosted clinical rules engine that offers advanced CQM computation capabilities (as a web service) in a HIPAA compliant cloud environment. CQ-IQ is the healthcare industry’s first configurable and scalable platform for CQM and analytics in the cloud.

As per regulation § 170.523(k)(1)(iii) of the ONC 2015 Edition Final Rule, the Cost and Limitations and Product Information Statement for CQ-IQ 15.9 can be found here .

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CQ-IQ leverages the power of the BI-Clinical Rules Engine - the CitiusTech's healthcare BI and reporting platform, deploying more than 600 KPIs and performance measures across 4,500 provider locations. CQ-IQ currently has more than 250 pre-built clinical quality measures, across various care settings such as physician practices, hospitals, ACOs and health plans.

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Customers can use CQ-IQ to participate in federal incentive programs (e.g. Meaningful Use, PQRS reporting), commercial payer initiatives (e.g. HEDIS, PCMH, Pay-for-Performance), and provider quality programs (e.g. Value-Based Purchasing, HIQRP, Re-admission management).

CQ-IQ provides industrial strength clinical quality measure solution and is backed by CitiusTech’s commitment to keep CQM definitions current with changing regulatory and industry requirements. Additionally, it also provides customers with the ability to create and test custom CQMs and host them on CQ-IQ.

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CQ-IQ Workflow

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Supported Measure Sets

MU2 (Eligible Hospital)  |  ACO33 (Rev 2014 and 2015)  |  MU2 (Eligible Professional)  |  HEDIS (Rev 2014 and 2015)  |  MU1 (Eligible Hospital)  |  PQRS 2015 Registry Version  |  MU1 (Eligible Professional)

Key Highlights

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  • Simple web services-based mechanism to run CQMs on top of your existing applications and infrastructure (e.g. care management solutions, EHRs, data warehouses and big data infrastructure)
  • Easy to use testing tools for data validation – including data structure, data quality and terminology compliance
  • Ability to use on as-needed basis, including testing of sample data files for multiple measure sets
  • Ability to align measure sets and reporting period with your internal processes and workflows
  • Strong return on investment with a pay-as-you-go model and a risk-free trial period

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CQ-IQ: Analytics Web Service

CQ-IQ is a robust rules engine for clinical quality measures (CQMs) that provides CQM computation capabilities (as a web service) in a HIPAA-compliant cloud environment. The solution consists of more than 250 pre-built clinical quality measures, across various care settings such as physician practices, hospitals, ACOs and health plans.

CQ-IQ: Analytics Web Service Demo

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CQ-IQ enables healthcare organizations to implement standard and custom clinical quality measures to track specific regulatory and internal clinical quality and research initiatives. CitiusTech can help you get started on your journey quickly. Know More!

  • About CQ-IQ

    A cloud-hosted clinical rules engine for advanced CQM (Clinical Quality Measure) computation, CQ-IQ is designed to enable healthcare organizations to run clinical quality analytics and reporting in a flexible and scalable manner.

    CQ-IQ is also available on the cloud technology platform of your choice.

  • Key Success Stories

    Accelerating CQM computation at more than 4,500 provider locations worldwide, CQ-IQ has helped care management providers, population health management organizations and community hospitals in solving their most critical business needs.

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