Upcoming Webinars

  • Clinical Data Integration: Leading Practices

    17 Nov 2016

    Payers need to utilize claims and clinical data for informed decision-making. They face numerous challenges to achieve this goal in realm of technology, data, process and organization capabilities. This webinar will discuss leading practices for integrating claims and clinical data in areas of data ingestion, data management strategy, technology architecture, and supporting processes to facilitate free flow of information.

Recent Webinars

  • Clinical Quality Measurement in the Cloud

    Oct 2016

    How should payers manage clinical quality measures, and positively impact bottom-line? How can web-based technology help achieve payer’s quality measurement goals? This webinar aims to provide a compelling case for thinking about clinical quality measures more holistically, and present an architecture solution to achieve superior clinical quality measurement, including use of web-based technology

  • Demystifying MACRA

    Oct 2016

    The CMS MACRA Act of 2015 aims to change the way Medicare pays clinicians who provide care to Medicare beneficiaries. MACRA created a Quality Payment Program designed to streamline existing quality reporting programs and reward those who provide higher quality of care based on two different payment tracks. This webinar will provide attendees with a realistic strategy and performance improvement framework in order to be better prepared for this mandate and optimize outcomes.

  • Developing a Coordinated Business Model to Achieve Value-Based Care

    Jan 2016

    The webinar will provide a consolidated analytics-driven enterprise approach that will help organizations to enhance key stakeholder efficiencies within acute and ambulatory settings and meet their value-based care goals.

  • Need for Integrated Data Enhancement and Analytics - Unifying Management of Healthcare Business Processes

    Dec 2015

    The webinar will provide an approach to consolidate analytics, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), research, business intelligence, decision support, real-time streaming and notifications for healthcare organizations to help maximize their business, clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Payer-Provider Data Integration: 7 Best Practices

    Oct 2015

    This webinar will explore key use-cases driven by payer-provider data integration. It will also highlight key challenges faced in integrating provider data and providing a unified view and suggest best practices for payers to integrate provider data

  • UX in Healthcare – Truly Unified Experience across Web, Mobile and other Digital Channels

    Sep 2015

    This webinar will discuss the best practices and approach for a cross-channel design for healthcare applications to achieve a truly unified user experience in the digital healthcare ecosystem.

  • Achieve your Clinical Quality Objectives before 2018!

    Jul 2015

    This webinar discusses best practices for healthcare organizations in building and managing CQMs, required with increasing complexity.

  • Clinical Quality Measurement in the Cloud…

    Jun 2015

    This webinar focuses on technology, scale and complexity challenges faced by providers in CQM reporting and how CQ-IQ is helping resolve these challenges.

  • MU Stage 3: 732 Pages in 60 minutes

    Apr 2015

    This webinar provides an executive summary of the proposed MU Stage 3 rules and their implications on the stakeholders.

  • [CitiusTech - IBM Webinar Series] Integrating Clinical and Financial Data to Drive Value Based Analytics

    Dec 2014

    Join IBM and CitiusTech on a discussion to understand how the integration of financial and clinical data can enhance analytics and improve cost, quality and outcomes.

  • User Experience in Enterprise Healthcare Applications: Coming out of the Dark Ages!

    Oct 2014

    This webinar of our Next Gen Healthcare Technology Series focuses on a structured and evolutionary approach to delivering great User Experience for enterprise healthcare applications.

  • Is Apple Health Kit Ready for Your Enterprise mHealth Roadmap

    Sep 2014

    The webinar focusses on mobile health apps such as Apple Health Kit and how they are aligned to meet enterprise healthcare needs.

  • Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Enterprise Healthcare Applications

    Aug 2014

    While a number of vendors today offer robust cloud computing capabilities, only recently some of these vendors have started signing Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Journey to cloud and thus optimizing IT environment has therefore become a real option for healthcare organizations. Microsoft Azure is one such vendor.

  • [CitiusTech - IBM Webinar Series] ACO, PQRS, MU, HEDIS Analytics: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

    Aug 2014

    Building an integrated model for healthcare analytics to address Affordable Care Act challenges, increase future organizational readiness and accelerate time to value