Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare

Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare

CitiusTech plays a key role in enabling healthcare technology partners, large hospitals/integrated delivery networks (IDNs), payers, and life sciences companies to accelerate innovation in their business - across care delivery models and workflows, and to leverage new technologies to enhance patient care and engagement. CitiusTech's Technology Leadership Office (TLO) and Healthcare Consulting teams work closely with partners, research groups and industry associations to design and prototype new solutions that push the frontiers of technology in healthcare.


CitiusTech Innovation Themes for 2015-2016:

Big data and predictive analytics in healthcare
Big data technology is enabling many organizations to leverage large and diverse data sets to generate business insights and drive performance.  The healthcare industry today generates significant data from EHRs, claims, medical devices, labs and pharmacies, as well as new data from sources like consumer apps, genomics, etc. However, healthcare organizations need to conduct a significant healthcare-specific customization and adaptation on standard Big Data tools like Apache Hadoop before they can effectively use them.

Mobile health (enterprise and consumer use cases)
Mobile health and the Internet of Things are likely to make a significant impact on healthcare - across consumers, physicians, facilities, payers and communities – over the next 5 years.  However, enabling an effective two-way communication between a healthcare enterprise and consumer requires substantial effort in streamlining technology and architecture uplift, to ensure security, standardization and scalability – in addition to complying with HIPAA and PHI requirements. 

Payment reforms and clinical quality reporting
Payment reform is increasingly driven by the trend toward value-based rather than service-based purchasing. As quality becomes part of the foundation for economic success at all levels of the healthcare system, increased coordination of care and more sophisticated population management will be necessary. 

Provider-payer convergence and shared risk management
As reimbursement evolves from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, payers and providers are searching for different ways to collaborate to distribute and mitigate the risks of the new model. The goal of this transformation is to improve the overall quality of care while driving down, or at least containing, the nation’s rising healthcare costs.

Community integration and public health reporting
Primary care and public health have critical roles in providing for the health and well-being of communities across the nation. Emerging new opportunities have the potential to bring the two sectors together in ways that will yield substantial and lasting improvements in the health of individuals, communities, and populations. 

Social media integration in healthcare delivery
Increasingly driven by regulatory pressures, the need to “get it right the first time” and minimize costs remains a concern in the healthcare industry. The endless possibilities leveraging social media to enhance the quality of care has resulted in many healthcare organizations developing a robust social media policy in their growth roadmap.


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