Meet our CTzens

Shreya Tole

Sr. Executive - Talent Acquisition

Q: What brings you to work every day?

Shreya: My  team, my colleagues and the CT environment.

Q: Why do you think CitiusTech is a great place to work with?

Shreya: People here are so approachable and supportive that, I never feel like I am working in an IT company.  It is like a second family to me.

Q: Given a chance, with whom will you swap your job and why?

Shreya: With my Reporting Head - It is appraisal time after all :).

Q: Three things that make you smile.

Shreya: Michelle (Character from Full House), my family and friends

Q: You de-stress with..

Shreya: Humming…which is sometimes irritating for people around me :P.

Q: Which 'Go green' initiative would you like to start at CitiusTech?

Shreya: CTzens should shut down their PCs before going home everyday… It will save a lot of electricity!

Q: Something about you that most people don't know?

Shreya: Lot of things. But one thing if I have to reveal then it would be, 'I am a Classical Dancer'.