Meet our CTzens

Soumya Shetty

Technical Lead - Quality Assurance

Q: Why do you think CitiusTech is a great place to work with?

Soumya: Flexibility to share and implement ideas – ‘Show your way of working’!

Q: Given a chance, with whom will you swap your job and why?

Soumya: I always wondered it would be a good switch to step into the shoes of the Sales/Marketing team and experience what does it take to convince people and make a strong impression within the first meeting.

Q: The hardest thing of being a QA?

Soumya: To prove that it’s just the abbreviation that is small – ‘QA’ but not the quality/quantity of work that each QA does!

Q: You de-stress with..

Soumya: A cup of tea…listening to my favorite music…and ‘Dancing’ :).

Q: One thing you can’t help splurging on?

Soumya: Handbags!! I have plenty of those ;)

Q: One piece of advice , you wish someone would have given you 5 years ago?

Soumya: The Past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, LIVE IT!!

Q: The last line of your autobiography would read -

Soumya: 'Life is a succession of MOMENTS, to live each one is to succeed!!'