Meet our CTzens

Kalyani Desai

Sr. Software Engineer - Quality Assurance

Q: What brings you to work every day?

Kalyani: Being a part of the QA team, I feel responsible towards ensuring quality of the service that we provide to our clients; this excites me to work efficiently and brings me to work every day!

Q: Why do you think CitiusTech is a great place to work with?

Kalyani: Flexible work timings and opportunities to interact with client makes CitiusTech a great place to work

Q: Which “Go green” initiative would you like to start at CT?

Kalyani: Encouraging employees to shut down machines at end of the day.

Q: Something about you that most people don't know?

Kalyani: I'm a diehard fan of superstar Rajnikant.

Q: One piece of advice, you wish someone would have given you 5 years ago?

Kalyani: It is okay to say no and move on…it is best to simply move on, accept it, and never look back.

Q: One thing you can’t help splurging on?

Kalyani: Gifts for my niece :).