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    Posted by CitiusTech Mobile Health Practice on Aug 18, 2012

    Higher patient engagement and use of mobile technology are seen to be one of the primary enablers of long-term care management. The ability of mobile health to access and delivery healthcare information across healthcare systems and entities has far-reaching implications. Mobile health applications can support healthcare workflows across the care continuum - physicians, facilities, sponsors, communities and patients.

    Most important, and often least discussed aspect of care management, dimension of care management applications is consumer and patient adoption of new tools and technologies. While web based tools for health and wellness management have had significant adoption issues over the last 10-15 years, mobile health technologies seem to score significantly in this dimension.

    A study by Verasoni Worldwide released in Aug 2012 says that the top 150 health-related apps have been downloaded more than 67.5 million times onto iPhones, and more than 59.1 million times onto Android devices. (

    With the growing number of smart device users, consumers and patients are set to receive healthcare in a way that they have never before to drive overall population health and well-being. Amen!

  • Priyank Chopra

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