BI-Clinical App Description

The app tracks and benchmarks performance against the care coordination measure atlas for Patient Centric Medical Homes, around areas such as quality of care, care-coordination, cost, utilization, etc. It helps to analyze performance by physician, health plan and disease condition.
Key Highlights:
  • Publish web / mobile enabled scorecard for Patient Centered Medical Homes
  • Track visits / encounters not in compliance
  • Compare performance across facility, physicians and conditions
  • Use analytics view to slice and dice data on-demand
  • View detailed clinical measure specifications to understand compliance issues to next level of granularity
  • View clinical rules processed by BI-Clinical rules engine to arrive at performance score for each item in the denominator
Markets: ACOs, Ambulatory, Health Plans

BI-Clinical App Visualizations

(BI-Clinical Components)

Required Components
    CDA Adaptor
  • IF.CMP
    Clinical Measure Processing Engine
  • IF.CDR
    Core Data Repository
Optional Components
  • IL.AD.DB
    DB Adaptor
    QRDA Adaptor
  • IL.AD.HL7
    BI-Clinical HL7 Adaptor
    BI-Clinical Web Services Application

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