Professional Growth

Professional Growth

At CitiusTech, we believe our success is intertwined with yours. We provide our incredibly skilled and talented workforce with the necessary tools and opportunities to accelerate their career growth path. Whether you are an entry level application developer or a domain specialist, CitiusTech’s core learning program empowers you to build technology, domain, client development and leadership skills at every stage of your career.

At CitiusTech, our non-hierarchical work environment has created a positive work culture enabling sharing and execution of ideas at all levels. We encourage our team members to act as technopreneurs and go beyond their brief in serving our clients and delivering 110% results.

CitiusTech’s ability to support the professional growth aspirations of every individual has enabled us to have amongst the lowest attrition levels in the industry.


Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators

Specialized domain knowledge
Healthcare technology professionals builds deep domain knowledge - across healthcare standards, applications, workflows and regulations

New technologies
Healthcare IT is increasingly using latest technologies including mobile, cloud computing, web technologies, and advanced BI/analytics

Global opportunities
With a significant emphasis on healthcare reforms, there is a strong global demand for experienced HIT professionals worldwide

Differentiated skills
Given that HIT is a relatively new field, it provides an excellent opportunity to build differentiated skills - a key to a long-term successful career

Noble cause
Healthcare enables a professional to make a meaningful contribution in enhancing patient care and improving human cause in a small way

Key Roles

Key Roles

Application architect
Design and architect healthcare applications and systems

Application development
Build enterprise class applications in healthcare

QA Test automation V&V
Conduct functional testing, performance testing, load Testing, security and compliance testing

Implementation specialists
Integrate and implement specialized healthcare and technology applications

Domain consulting
Customize and implement applications and platforms

BI / ETL Expert
Integrate and analyze healthcare data to enhance care and cost performance for better decisions

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