Personal Growth

Personal Growth

CitiusTech believes in providing an opportunity for every employee to explore beyond the day-to-day business activities and create a well-rounded personality. Through our intranet portal, interCT, we encourage CTzens to meet, share and collaborate on diverse interests. Additionally, CitiusTech also provides a platform to be a part of vibrant, engaging events— from concerts and family days, to festivals and award ceremonies.

Learn more about the various initiatives at CitiusTech and meet people with imagination and the right attitude — people who make CitiusTech one of the best place to work in.

Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas

Corporate Activities
Every employee at CitiusTech is vital to the success of the organization and everyone is encouraged to contribute to its growth. We have formulated many initiatives which reinforce our employee based 360 degree approach for e.g. CTzen Connect is an online forum where people across locations can post an idea, suggestion or ask any query to the CitiusTech executive leadership team. CitiusTech organizes annual corporate events which act as a confluence for employees based out of various facilities worldwide.

Cultural Activities
CTzens take part in numerous cultural activities that celebrate diversity and inclusion at the organization. Whether it is enjoying the colorful festivals of Diwali or Navratri, celebrating occasions like ‘Christmas Carnival’ or having a blast at ‘Chilled Out Fridays’; each and every occasion brings us together and provides everyone with a break from their daily routine and hectic work schedule.

Sports Activities
We value the health and wellbeing of our employees and motivate them to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. CitiusTech regularly participates in corporate football and cricket tournaments. Additionally, CitiusTech has specially created recreational rooms for employees to sharpen their carrom, table tennis, foosball and other indoor sports skills.

CSR Activities
At CitiusTech we feel that being socially responsible is complementary to doing business. It is imperative for us to help and provide social, environmental and economic benefits to the society. The CitiusTech CSR team undertakes various initiatives including enhancing child education and organizing sports and welfare events for underprivileged children. We welcome CTzens to be a part of the CSR Team and share time for causes they feel passionate about while enjoying the experience of giving back to the community for which we work.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

An annual event where all CTzens are encouraged to participate and run for social causes. The proceeds are donated to charitable institutions.

CitiusTech collaborates with Prem Daan, a home for sick and mentally challenged individuals, by organizing activities and bringing smile to the faces of people.

An initiative where employees at CitiusTech fulfill various wishes of underprivileged, physically & mentally challenged kids.

The annual day at CitiusTech, it is the biggest event for all CTzens and is comprised of a host of formal and colorful informal activities.

Conducted for Children under Special Care, CitiusTech organizes the Mini Olympics to build confidence and give motivational boost to the kids.

Celebrations do not need an excuse at CitiusTech. We bring up various occasions by organizing events such as traditional day and capturing the myriad emotions through the lens of professional photographers.

CitiusTech organizes the football tournament as a friendly competition to provide opportunities that bring out the best in every individual and foster team spirit and bonding.

CitiusTech conducts a special celebration during Christmas for the children of CTzens. The kids get to play exciting games and receive a lot of goodies from Santa.

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